Sunday, December 27, 2015

#17 - To Grandmother's House I Go!

The story of Little Red Riding Hood, a lesson to learn that you should listen to your mother's instructions always, and do not stray from the path given! You can relive this tale with this offering from Anachron. It is the Riding Hood Hair and it is hooded hair in many many colors and you can own them all for only 10L each pack! A tremendous deal for some hair, wouldn't you say? I definitely would! Here I am wearing the Prism pack and with the hood in the darker grey option.
Anachron's Riding Hood Hair & Roped Passions' Gothic Swirl Xmas Dress
I am also wearing the Gothic Swirl Xmas Dress in Red & Heels from Roped Passions. This is a very cute dress that shows a lot of leg! A soft, satiny slight ruffle on the edges of the skirt make it very delicate and lovely.  It goes great with the Riding Hood Hair too. I enjoyed wearing this strappy, flirty dress out dancing and partying on Christmas Eve. It caught the attention of the Hostess and so I was able to send her the LM to The Wash from the attention she gave to this dress. And I mentioned the $10L price along with that and was able to hand out a couple more LMs during that gathering. And as you can see, it also caught the attention of that sneaky ole wolf too! :) Gorgeous!!!
Roped Passions Gothic Swirl Xmas Dress & Heels in Red & Anachron's Riding Hood Hair - Prism Pack
And, its not so Christmasy that it can only be worn during the Christmas season. You can wear this anytime of the year and it will work and the heels are very easily coordinated with your many other red outfits throughout the year! And, again... only $10L!!!  Don't miss out! There are these great deals that look great together and there are many more to find here at The Wash! And if you want to see the offerings from the comfort of your home before you visit, you can check out The Wash Blog before you make the trek out here... I hope to see you there!

Also worn:
Ring: Dark Knight Decor Ring Pop in Cherry
Slink Nails: Dark Knight Decor - Corset Laced Slink Nails
Both also found at The Wash! And seen in close up pics on my Flickr.

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