Sunday, June 26, 2016

#126 - $10 Lindens For Hair & Timeless Textures @ The Wash

Yes! You can have some new hair for only $10 Lindens at The Wash! And it does have many colorful ombre combinations and a couple of regular highlighted shades included too!  Just take a look at the shades included in the Lauren and Tessa  Candy Kisses Hairs from Lyrieal's Boutique.

You can use the wild and colorful shades that are included (not shown here) or you can wear one of the more solid looking shades shown here. Of course, with the colorful shades you can match more to the outfits offered at The Wash this month. They are all so colorful this round. This is the Lauren Hair - Candy Kisses Hud (with 20 various colorful ombre options) from Lyrieal's Boutique.

This glassy background is from Timeless Textures. This is the Hazy Reflections textures set, which is also only $10L! Six seamless textures are included in this set (one texture shown). There are ten more texture sets offered at the Timeless Textures Cart, including the following:

Faery Stone Earth - Silvered Bamboo - Exterminate! - Romay Silk Dark - Eroded Stone Granite -
Broded Stone Lichen -  Totally Stoned Sandstone - Northern Lights - Test Your Metal Dark & 
Exterminating Circumstances Black

Lots to choose from! You are sure to find something you need. These are Full Perm Textures you can use for building in your own projects and they are all only 10L each set. Such a great deal!

Next is the Tessa Hair, which is a long, partially tied back hairstyle. This hair also comes in the Candy Kisses Colorful Ombre Hud with 20 options. 

 I am wearing this hair on a standard avatar head. No mesh head here! But these hairs both seem like they would fit a mesh head as well. Although, I am not able to test this, so don't quote me on that one! I love long hairstyles and this one is another one I will be going back to from time to time.

And you can get both for only $10L each!

Also seen here are The Stringer Mausoleum's Shayanne Eyes - S.E. Mer which is the tealish green color eyes found at The Wash

So there you have it! More excellent deals from The Wash Cart Sale which runs from now until July 6th. Still time to get in on the deals galore at The Wash!

Skin and Eyelashes credits can be found here: ~About My Body~


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