Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hair Fair 2017 – Gifts & Dollarbies – Noirette & Brunette

Gifts & Dollarbies – Noirette & Brunette

Hair Fair is full of incredible styles, newly created for this annual event. Some stores like to add to that by providing Gifts or Dollarbies (often which is also donated) and sometimes this can be hair, or other items they create for their brand. I combed (see what I did there) the Brunette and Noirette sims, and these are the items that I found. So if you missed them on your own trip around the event, this is a good reason to visit us again.
This is also a great place to take newer residents you may encounter during this time of year, as you could start them on their own love affair with Hair, and through the gifts and dollarbies, they could discover stores that become their go to for Hair for years to come.
I will do a follow up post with Blonde and Redhead soon.
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