Friday, April 20, 2018

#448 - To The Warriors - Fantasy Faire Opens

Upon my most recent wanderings, I found something that touched my heart and I had to stop and sit to ponder what the warriors who've gone before us had gone through and what might they be experiencing. I wondered, are they watching from above, from beyond? How strong they were to have to fight this fight. I've not thought of that very often. How brave some are to go thru trials unknown, scary and with no guarantees of a health benefit to themselves or for that matter, their own life. All to find a cure. All simply to learn and hopefully heal, and for the benefit to those of us who come after them. This memorial brought all these thoughts rushing into my head.
This is the Harshlands - [HL] FF2018 Memorial Stone. It brought all those thoughts into my head upon first seeing it. I think I may spend some quiet or reflective times here when I need it. The writing says this:
"To the Warriors who fought without giving up -- May your light never fade."

I hope I can keep up this fight too. If the current situation is any predictor, I am going to be well for a good while. I hope that is the case. You never want to be too confident with this disease. It can sneak up on you or return with a vengeance sometimes. But I am so glad others before me have fought this fight too. I know I am not alone and there are many who support this effort every year just to help trying to find a cure. Fantasy Faire this year is going to help fund a Hope Lodge in Kenya for others who also need hope. They also fight. I hope we can raise enough to give them what they need and send more hope their way. You can read more about our mission this (10th) year here.
After my time of reflection, I wandered further and found something larger and as I approached, I grew more curious. It had stairs on all sides and what appeared to be Anubis statues with burning embers on either side of the entrance I was facing. An interesting mix I must say. This was something mystical and well cared for to be so far into this wilderness. A fire burned brightly in the center, but not a normal fire this one is a greenish color...interesting. Different from the fire held by its guardians. I wonder what this could be?

Fantasy Faire 2018 is now open until April 29th - Come see these amazing sims while you can!

Memorial Stone: [HL] FF2018 Memorial Stone on the Willows Of Nienna 
Fire Aloe Plants: [CC] Nightfire Aloe @ Willows Of Nienna
Anubis Statues: The Dark Fae's - Anubis Guardian on Sanoria
Pavilion w/Fire: [HL] Mystic Dome
[CC] Starburst Duster-Worm, Var 3, Medium/Small Scales
[CC] Gaia Underbrush Grass Hilly S-Scales
[CC] Gaia Underbrush Grass Field L-Scales
[CC] C.Basalt Wall, Red Basalt
[CC] Torchbud Mold Clusters
Background Stone Cliffs: inVerse_ Cliff screen 100% mesh

Hair: adoness : valhalla : brown
Skin: *Birth* 'Penelope' Fantasy Catwa Head & Belleza [Body] Appliers on Athenaeum Arcana
Outfit: Mishmash Fusion - Unspoken Top & Skirt - Metals - Freya on Falls of Hope
Bracers, Anklets, Etc: ::B&C:: Lyta Jewelry - Gold on Falls of Hope
Mesh/Bento Head: CATWA HEAD Uma Toothless v3.1
Mesh Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears [v2] - Blix on Atherea
Mesh Body: -Belleza- Freya V 5.0 BENTO

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