Tuesday, November 24, 2020

#760 - It's Almost Over!

 Oh dear! It's almost over! The Wash Cart Sale - It's Almost Over Round is almost that...Over! You have just one more day to shop all the great deals that are waiting for you at The Wash Cart Sale! So come take a look! I've been doing a lot of home decor and today I bring you some fashion finds only at The Wash Cart Sale! It ends on Nov 25th at midnight!

Here is a cute, bright summery outfit for you if you really don't wanna let go of those warm days! Artistic Rage has the A.R. - Summer Yellow Top and Pants for you if you are still enjoying those warm days and wanna dress that way! I am wearing all these items on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body. I am also wearing some very nice stilettos from Daydream's Creation, the Diana Stilettos.

Around me are items from Dixie Dandelion! Feast your eyes on this throne! How about adding this to your home as a remembrance of this year! It's festive and practical! This is the DD Quarentine Christmas Chair! With a toilet paper holder attached and, the ornaments are colored rolls of toilet paper! The wreath is also made of wood and toilet paper! So a great place to store your extra rolls! This is a fun item. It has a couple of sitting poses in it too. And all ready for Christmas!

The signs all around here are also from Dixie Dandelion, there are many different signs and few more not shown here. All with various sentiments regarding this year! There is so much to say about it, right? And you can have each of these for only 10 lindens each!


This is one of the DD signs, this one being the DD 2020 Rating Sign. And this lovely tattoo is from Leave Your Mark - Family Values. It does come as an Omega applier and a BoM Layer too! This is the BoM layer I've worn above.


And, this amazing jewelry, which is always amazing, comes from Luminesse! I am wearing the LUM - Lalizza Zaklina - Necklace & Earrings set and LUMCantoria Kusti Bracelets. Pieces are Resizeable too. Luminesse always has lots to choose from on their cart and it's usually just outside the store if you want to see more! Very convenient! I love these colors are both Fall-like but also fit with this outfit, so that also makes them somewhat summery! Right? Either way, I am enjoying!

The Wash Cart Sale - Ends Nov 25th Midnight

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

#759 - Alien Angel

~ Alien Angel ~
Wow! What a beautiful place! This garden is so lovely. Maybe if I wait around, an inhabitant of this world will come and I can talk with them. I think my form is inviting to this world. Angels are good here, right? I've thought of some additional details for my wings and outfit. I think they will find them very inviting!

And the garden around me being even more so inviting! Hopefully they will be more open to accepting my appearance and welcome me with all this beautiful scenery around me. I surely hope so!

And then I can spring the final piece on them! I hear this is a regular thing on this planet now...

A face mask! 

This is a new outfit gacha from Morbid Mausoleum at November's Gacha Garden. This is the MM Talida Outfit. 6 Pieces in 8 colors. Come play for your favorite colors or for them all! And click here for the Seed of Inspiration, which you automatically win after 20 pulls.

The skin is also a new release, the Stargazer Opulae Aqua BoM skin currently at We Love Role Play. This is a Bakes on Mesh skin made to fit the Legacy Perky. I am wearing it on the Legacy body. It has body shine materials appliers included for the extra shine!

The garden scene is from The Wash Cart Sale. The X-clusives Animatinos Victory Gardens Scene is a great deal and a large scene! With so many animations in each bench and chair in the scene.

Gacha Garden - Ends Nov 30th
Morbid Mausoleum - Talida Outfit Gacha - NEW
Made for Legacy, Legacy Perky, Maitreya

We Love Role Play - Ends Nov 30th
[Stargazer] Variety Skin Set BOM+3D - Opulae Aqua - NEW
BoM skin made for Legacy Perky

The Wash Cart Sale - Ends Nov 25th

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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

#758 - My Crowded Bedroom!


Wow! I wanted to add some of the statues and figurines I found at The Wash Cart Sale and now my bedroom is crowded! Thank goodness this room is only for my collectibles and figurines! The Elemental Goblin Air and Koo Koo Bird Statues are taking up a bit of room in here! But aren't they great?!
These statues and miniatures are actually replicas of tabletop gaming pieces which is becoming more popular in Second Life. For more on this, you can check out the studioDire Main Store
This is a closer shot of the Elemental Goblins and Koo Koo Birds minis on the shelves! The Elemental Goblin and the Koo Koo Birds are on The Dark Fae's cart. The Swinging Lights Gold are also from The Dark Fae and aren't they the cutest? Yes, they do swing too!

The Wall Art is from House of Moose called "Hope" Wall Art. The bed is an ottoman and slippers from Famous. This is the Famous - Boudoir set.

Come on by and find all these and more at The Wash Cart Sale and give your place a whole new look!

The Wash Cart Sale - Ends Nov 25th

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Sunday, November 15, 2020

#757 - Bedroom Fashion Show

 So checking myself out in these new pants from ZFG! The ZFG JODI GOTH Pants are nice and comfy! There are 8 textures included and they look great! A wonderful relaxed fit!
These are new in the main store right now. They come in sizes for Bellezas, Slinks, Maitreya and Legacy Mesh Bodies. Come and get them ladies! A great addition to your leisurewear or casual wear as I have been wearing them!

Here are a few of the textures included.

Colorful or black designs are included. So you can be colorful goth or stay as dark as you'd like! And a crop cut pant so you can pair it with heels or sneakers if you like. I feel like bare feet, being in the bedroom trying these on tonight. 

The home decor items around me are from The Wash Cart Sale! Which is happening right now. So they are also some great deals to be found! You will see them much better in the next post. But for now, I'm showing off the House of Moose - Hope Wall Art, The Dark Fae - Swinging Light Gold (more colors available), Famous - Ottoman, The Dark Fae - Koo Koo Bird Statues in Black and Violet and, the miniatures on the shelves are also The Dark Fae - Elemental Goblin Minis and Koo Koo Bird Minis.

The Wash Cart Sale - Ends Nov 25th

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

#756 - Hovering Amongst The Flowers

Hovering amongst the flowers is so much fun! Instead of running through it, or diving into them, I hovered above them. Low enough to feel amongst them all! What a lovely feeling!

Seen here are the Wings and Corset by Morbid Mausoleum, which are in the new MM Paoline Gacha @ the Gacha Garden! I am wearing the Legacy size and it also includes sizes for Maitreya, Lara Petite and Legacy Perky too. The Gacha Garden runs through Nov 30th.

The Boots are the {Poeme} Autumn Noir Suede Thigh High Boots and these are a great deal right now at The Wash Cart Sale! They include sizes for Maitreya (shown), Bellezas and Slinks. Find this and more on the {Poeme} Cart. The Wash Cart Sale runs until Nov 25th.

This lovely pink striped skin is the .:Soul:. [G3] Jayln RaniV2 [FF2020]. It was a new release at the Fantasy Faire this year, and still as lovely as ever! Find this skin in the store with many more of all kinds!

I have added some cosmetics to the face. I am wearing *Booty's Beauty* Seductress Eyeshadow and Fanta Lips. Fanta was a recent sale item of the week. Only $10L! Not sure when that ends so I'd hop on over and check it out! The Seductress Eyeshadow was also a newly updated release to now include BoM. Sadly, I think that one is over but you can always check while you are there! The $10L Items are between the Group MM boards and the New Sales are right inside the door.

And now, the list of events and stores to pick up all the sales!

The Gacha Garden - Ends Nov 30th

The Wash Cart Sale - Ends Nov 25th

*Booty's Beauty*

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Saturday, November 7, 2020

#755 - Fancy Fighter

All dressy with my rings, nails and nice hair...all for a fight! Lol!

I don't know why, but I do that! I have to wear some bling when I get the chance!

This is one of many new skins from Stargazer this month at the Gacha Garden. This is the SG Exodae BoM Skin #23 from the new SG - EXODAE GACHA at Gacha Garden. I am also wearing the Tintable Tattoo Layer - Glow Lights on the skin. I tinted it a pink and it does change the original colors of the skin (FYI). Depends on what color you tint it to. The original colors on this skin were an orange-ish color. The skin looks very scarred or weather beaten. Like you've been thru many a battle! I should say Alien-ish to me too. I've added tintable eye brows from Morbid Mausoleum and lipstick from Booty's Beauty.

The eye stalks are from .:Soul:. Eye Stalks (Double) Bento. They, being bento, follow the movements of your eyes. The hud comes with skins colors from .:Soul:. and also a color hud you can tint them with which made it pretty easy to match the skin. There are included eye lash, eye shadow and eye color options. Find them in the .:Soul:. store. The mesh ears are also from .:Soul:., the Uni Ears - High Elf. These also include a similar hud with skin tinting ability.

Gacha Garden - Ends Nov 30th

Outfit is a new release currently at We Love Role Play, new this month by AtaMe.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

#754 - Thank God 2020 Is Almost Over!

The Wash Cart Sale is back with a new round of amazing, affordable, quality items for you to choose from! Find everything from full perm items, home decor, clothing (male and female), trinkets and more! You will definitely find something for everyone here at The Wash Cart Sale. And this round is the "Thank God 2020 Is Almost Over" Round!


All these can be found at The Wash Cart Sale which opens today, Nov 4th! The wall prints are from Cwtch and they are definitely in the theme of the round with there saying about this year. Here are the sayings from left to right:

Happy New Year - it can only get better, right?

Goodbye 2020 - HELLO 2021

live, laugh, love - it has never been more important than it is right now

All so very true!!! Look for Cwtch for those and some really Sweary Wall Prints too! And a set called "It's Okay" Wall Prints. Plus, there is a gift on the cart too! Whatever your style, Cwtch has it covered! Check them out!

Home of Moose (HoM) is in the Cart Sale this time around and the very retro looking Ajax Sconce light on the wall is one offering along with the Reflections Console Table. They also have more items on their cart for you to choose from including armchairs and wall art. Be sure to check them out!

Finally, Dark Knight Decor has this darling Watercan Planter, Tarnished Green and the Wall Fountain. This Wall Fountain does have running water you can see when you have the Advanced Lighting setting on. All are shown under Advanced Lighting in the picture above. The Wall Fountain is resizable too! Come have a look!

There is so much more to see! I can't put it all in one post! So you gotta come take a look!

The Wash Cart Sale - Opens Nov 4th - Ends Nov 25th

Credits :
Cwtch. Happy new year wall print
Cwtch. Goodbye 2020 wall print
Cwtch. Live Laugh Love wall print
HoM: "Ajax" Sconce
HoM: "Reflection" Console Table
DKD - Planted Watering Can,  tarnished green
DKD - Wall Fountain

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Saturday, October 31, 2020

#753 - The Awakening

 I had a bad dream and it focused around one person. You know, one of those dreams where it seems so real you still wonder once you wake up? One of those dreams! And it wasn't good at all!

Needless to say, I woke up in a not so good mood and donned this perfect for my feelings, a new Group Gift from ZFG! This is the ZFG - CLARICE SERIAL and it's the current group gift in the store right now. It's a cropped jacket layered over a crop sweater. One texture (seen in the next photo). Sizes included are the Bellezas, Slinks, Maitreya and Tonics.

I just wanna say, they should be glad they were not around when I woke up! It would not have been good! Maybe it's best I don't see them for a while now. Lol!


Next, I have ZFG - AILEEN GOTH boots, which are thigh-high boots with 20 textures in the fatpack and these are at the Mad Circus Event thru Oct 31st. Only one day left for this one, but it will be in the main store after the event ends. Both are shown on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body.

Only today and tomorrow left on the Mad Circus Event! Better hurry! 

Mad Circus - Ends Oct 31st

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