Wednesday, August 15, 2018

#492 - Accessories, Accessories!

Many of us love decorating and our hair is no different! kisetsu has a some new hair accessories at the Kurenai event. And this will be the final Kurenai event, so make sure you get there and pick out your favorite kanzashi! You have until August 31st.
Here is the kisetsu - Susuki Kanzashi - White backing set, one of a few sets at Kurenai this month. This is a new flower choice on these and I adore the starburst look of these flowers! It is a 3-pc matching set. They are unrigged and materials enabled. The 3 pieces are the Bridge (largest, spans across the top of your head), the hana, the small flower (right side temple) and the small ornament on the left temple is a small uchiwa fan with a gem in it. All very lovely hair ornaments. They look great on the traditional Japanese hairstyles I've worn previously and I thought they looked just as beautiful on this hairstyle too! It actually makes me feel like it's giving this hairstyle a more Spanish flair once I added these in.

And the beautiful makeup seen here are new items from *Booty's Beauty*. This month there have been quite a few new releases already! So there are lots more to check out at the store! If you are not a member yet, you really should be to keep up on all these new releases. There are lucky chairs and a midnight madness board for the group members there too! I am wearing new lashes, eye shadow, eye brows and lipstick for Catwa heads in this photo. Seen here are the *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Brows Set ~ Fancy Brows 1, Catwa Makeup ~ Harlot (Lashes only) and the Catwa Makeup ~ Dark Princess (Eye shadow & Lipstick).

Here is a different set on a more traditional Japanese hairstyle,  the kisetsu - Ofuku hair v2:
Sorry for the angle, on this hairstyle, it is harder to see them from the front, so I need to show you from the top to see them well. This is the kisetsu - Susuki kanzashi with red backing. Also available at Kurenai. You can move them around your head as you like and there are a few colors available to suit your taste. Remember, this will be the last round of Kurenai and it ends on August 31st. So make sure you get by there and pick up your favorite! And, if these here are not your style, there are many more choices in the store! Different flowers and colors. Take a look there! And here is the Flickr to show you some of the other options available.

Kurenai - Ends August 31st (final round)

*Booty's Beauty* - New Releases @ Main store

**And, if anyone is wondering, I am quite busy with a new class in RL so you will see a few more days in between my posts now(sad, but necessary). I hope I don't lose you! Sign up for the email updates on the right side to be notified every time I post something new!**


Thursday, August 9, 2018

#491 - Loving On My Nails

There is such large variety of designs being released by Dark Passions this month so your nails are not bare and don't feel left out! You will not want to miss any of these designs! The two designs seen here are at the MBA Fair. That is the Mesh Body Addicts Fair.
Relaxing for today before the night begins out in the garden, having a last look at my nails that were just done! These are the Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Metal Fades applied to my Maitreya nails. These nails are partly cream or white-ish nail bed that fades into a metallic finish on the tips. You will receive the fatpack when you buy them and that includes Slink, Maitreya and Omega nail appliers. The MBA Fair runs through August 21st.
Here is a close up of the Metal Fades which is one of two exclusive designs at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair. There are plenty of other designs to choose from in the storefront too.
Here is the second exclusive nail set from Dark Passions - Nordic Summer. These are both light and dark solid colors for your nails. Blues, Purples, Pinks and above is a very light pastel green. Beautiful colors and very glossy describes this set. As with all the fatpacks from Dark Passions, you receive the Slink, Maitreya and Omega nail appliers.
And here are some new items from *Booty's Beauty*. Catwa Brows - Attitude. These come in a black version and a tintable version in the same hud. There are 5 options, 4 of which have a word or a crown above the left eyebrow. This one is the crown, I thought it fitting for me being that I am a Princess in my clan. Now I just need the word "Princess" there too! Hint! Hint!... Lol!

The eye shadow is from the *Booty's Beauty* Booty's Box #6 that was previously at the last Cosmopolitan event. Shimmery eye shadows and a smokey eye along with a set of eye lashes are included. If you are not familiar with the Booty's Boxes, they are a larger set of makeups than her normal makeup huds. So you do get many more shades than the other huds. And they are usually an exclusive at an event when they are released. Both of these are for the Catwa heads but Booty has Omega makeups at her store, so if that is what you need, check the store for those.
I hope you can make it out to these merchants and event! There are many more designs in both of these stores.


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

#490 - Roped Passions Savina Nightfall Outfit Helps Steam Up Your Nights

Roped Passions has recently released a new cutout dress that is super sexy and it is hudded with many color and metal options available.
This is the (RP) Savina Nightfall Outfit Hudded. She is made for mesh bodies only including sizes for the Bellezas, Slinks and Maitreya (shown above). Fits your body like a glove and stays in place extremely well! Shows off some side boob, waist and hips in this one! 14 colors on the mask and dress, panties are black and there are 10 metal colors! Lots of options here! I am showing the green and black colors above. 

And there are also matching heels...
These are the (RP) Nightfall Heels and they are sold separately from the Nightfall outfit. They are also made for the Belleza, Slink and Maitreya high feet. With 17 colors and 10 metal options you can't go wrong with these heels! Adorned with studs, spikes, chains and wrapping your feet in leather, they are some super sexy looking heels! And both can be found on the marketplace or in the Roped Passions store inworld.
The nails are the Dark Passions/Koffin Nails - Mermaid Treasures - Gems and they are available at the Mermaid Cove Event that runs until August 13th. The nail fatpack comes with nail appliers for the Maitreya, Slink bodies and Omega nails for the other bodies not mentioned (must be omega compatible).
Here is the matching mask that is also hudded and has all the same colors as the dress! For those intimate moments with your significant other!
Seen here are more nails from Dark Passions. These are actually a hunt gift at the Mermaid Cove Event which runs until August 13th. These look just like the Gems & Corals sets at the same event but a bit bloodied on the tips! This nail set includes a few colors from both of those sets for you. The design is a scaled nail with bloody tips. For those Spooky! Macabre! Gothic! Mermaids out there!

And that is it for me today! Stop by Roped Passions for the new Savina Nightfall outfit, wear it and prepare for some major attention at home or out at the club or wherever you chose to show it off!

Dark Passions @ Mermaid Cove - Ends Aug 13th

.:Soul:. NEW Hailey (and Henley - for men) [SE Orc] skins
(includes head and body appliers)


Thursday, August 2, 2018

#489 - New Orc Skins @ .:Soul:.

There is a new Orc skin in town and you can find them both at .:Soul:.! The new Hailey and Henley Orc skins and faces are newly released at .:Soul:.! I am wearing the Hailey on the Catwa Uma and Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. This skin comes with all you need since it is a Special Edition color. I LOVE greens and this skin is a nice olivey color (yes, I just made that up, I think!). It really looks great, I am really liking it. Plus, you can add to this look the .:Soul:. Nippers - Orc teeth that were released at the Fantasy Faire. I have angled them to stick out like this seen here. They do not protrude from your mouth. So, just FYI. They normally sit inside your mouth nice and neat.
You also see the .:Soul:. Draglien Eyes - Bronze. These are no longer available but there are so many to choose from at the store. Surely you will be able to find some if you really like these. These were part of a set given as a hunt gift in the Men Only Hunt quite some time ago. I am also not wearing any other makeup on the face. This is how the skin looks as you receive it in the package.
If you are in the market for an Orc skin, I think you will find this one to your satisfaction! So come by the store and grab yours! Both male (Henley) and female (Hailey) are available, and both come with the face (Catwa & Omega) and body appliers (Slink, Maitreya, Belleza & Omega) you need.


Saturday, July 28, 2018

#488 - The Final Days of the Rainbow Connection Cart Sale & Hunt!

These are the final days of the I Heart the Cart: Rainbow Connection Cart Sale and Hunt. I have a few items to show you perfect for your bedroom. I am using the Lamp*Light - Clear Rain Skybox. Also available at the cart sale until July 31st.

Here is my little sleeping sanctuary. A quiet spot for me to rest. 

The bed is from Love Everlasting - Batik Bed *Yellow*. And it is a hunt gift! So if you haven't done the hunt, there are some pretty cool prizes to be won here! Its bright colors welcome me into this comfortable little nest! This does have quite a few animations in it for both single and couples.
The decor all around the room are mostly from the Rainbow Connection Cart Sale. The candles on the walls are from StoraxTree - Tulip Candles, you can mount these almost anywhere you'd like and they are darling! The wall scroll is from Bratty Lane Creations - Wall Scroll Each Day, it says, "Each day is new and ready for you to live it fully." The drink tray and drink in the corner is the HarambeeGwassi-Kenya Project - Orange-Lemon Cocktails & Tray. Perfect to wind down with a nice drink I'd say! The fish wall art is the Dixie Designs - Triadic Colored Fish Art and the soft pastel green panels are covered by Timeless Textures - Jacquard Pale Green Textures (12 Seamless) and they are a hunt gift too! Lots of nice prizes in this hunt, I must say! And all this is nicely nested inside the Lamp*LightClear Rain Skybox

Remember, the last day for this event is July 31st! So come on by and finish/or do the hunt and grab up these deals you will only find here at the Rainbow Connection Cart Sale & Hunt!


Bed: Love Everlasting (LE) ~ Batik Bed *Yellow* - Hunt Gift
Cocktail Tray & Drink: Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Project - Orange-Lemon Cocktails & tray giver
Wall Candles: StoraxTree - Tulip Garden Candles – Hunt Gift
Wall Banner: Bratty Lane Creations - Each Day Wall Scroll
Wall Art: Dixie Dandelion & Designs: Triadic Colored Fish Art
Textures, Room Divider: Timeless Textures - 12 Seamless Beautiful Jacquard Pale Green – Hunt Gift
Skybox: Lamp*Light - Clear Rain Skybox 44 prims [unfurnished]

Other Items:
Room Divider: FLOOD Mesh: Room Divider with 6 picture Slots
Stack of books: Dragons Are Too Seldom, Inc - Stack of books
Side Tables: Carraway Side Table : by Dekute Dekore

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

#487 - One Sizzling Dress & ZFG Vol. 2

There is one sizzling dress appropriately named +FC+ Sizzle. This is an exclusive at the Twe12ve Event this month from Facepalm Clothing! It comes with a hud of 10 side panel colors. Take a look at the picture you will understand!
This is the Facepalm Clothing - Sizzle dress. And it plays some serious peek-a-boo with those around you. This will certainly catch some attention when you walk into the room!  Sizzle is made for mesh bodies, sizes included are Bellezas, Slinks and Maitreya. The front and the back are covered and leaves just enough to the imagination. This one is only at the Twe12ve Event until July 31st so make sure you go by there and pick one up! There is also a new shape there from Facepalm Shapes called Adara, made for Catwa Catya. Above, I am wearing +FS+ Angel shape which is available in the store.
And sadly, I have news about Facepalm today. Facepalm will be closing it's doors on August 1st. I am really going to miss blogging for Ripley. I so love the tees and tanks with the sarcastic sayings and Ripley's wit! The sexy outfits and the casual ones. There is so much about this brand that I love. I hope whatever the situation might be, that it works out for her benefit and she can return someday soon! Good Luck to you Ripley!
And now some accessories I've paired up with the +FC+ Sizzle. Dark Passions is currently in the Cosmetic Fair this month, and one of the polishes you see here is the Dark Passions - Live Wired Leopard nail polish. This has been applied to the Maitreya Nails. The event exclusive DP - Festival Starlet - Black Edition was in my last post #486. You receive 3 hud appliers: Omega, Slink and Maitreya all come in each package. The Cosmetic Fair ends on July 31st.

The Horror Holiday Heels are from :{MV}: and I am wearing them on the Maitreya high feet. These come with Maitreya, Slink and Belleza sizes so you are covered on all the bodies! They are available in 10 colors, are sold separately, or in a Fatpack. I love these shoes and the bared teeth along the platform heels are so me!
And you speak of the sarcastic shirts and they appear! I wanted to make sure you had a chance to grab this one before it's gone. This is the +FC+ ZFG Vol 2. There is a Vol 1 that I showed only a single texture from in post #480. There are lots of textures for this one and for Vol 1 too! If you don't have them, make sure you pick them up from the store before it's gone. This is made for both mesh and classic bodies with sizes for Standard Mesh, Bellezas, Slinks, Tonics, eBody, Maitreya and TMP! All of them are covered by this tank! New in the store this month.
And of course, I have some new makeup from *Booty's Beauty* only at the Designer's Showcase. This is a big box of 24 eyeshadows, 12 lipsticks and a single set of lashes. The shadow and lashes are seen above. It is made for Catwa. There is also another new release for the guys! Guys, Booty has a Rockstar Guy Liner available at the Designer's Showcase too! Come check out this event and pick up your *Booty's Beauty* Booty's Box 5 today! The Designer's Showcase ends on July 31st.

Don't miss these items! Find them at these locations:

Twe12ve Event - Ends July 31st
+FC+ Sizzle

+FC+ ZFG Vol 2 @ Facepalm Clothing

Cosmetic Fair - Ends July 31st
Dark Passions - Wild Leopard Nails

Horror Holiday Heels @ :{MV}:

Designer's Showcase - Ends July 31st
*Booty's Beauty* Booty's Box 5 & Rockstar Guyliner


Monday, July 23, 2018

#486 - I See You...

I was just feeling in a many shades of green mood after winning this hair and finding this lipstick and eyes to compliment it! And I wanted to show you a better picture of these Festival Starlet - Black Edition Nails from Dark Passions. They were in the last post, but it became way too long so I did not add this picture to it! So here they are! Because Stars! And this color goes very nicely with my hand full of gold rings I love to wear. Shown on the Maitreya nails. Again, the Dark Passions/Koffin Nails - Festival Starlet - Black Edition Nails are only at the Cosmetic Fair until July 31st.

Also seen are the *Booty's Beauty* Omega Brows ~ Punk Pixie, *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Lashes Set ~ Dreamy (NEW) and the *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Makeup ~ Dot. I did not tint the eyeshadow, but do know you can tint the white parts of this makeup with your Catwa Huds. The lashes and the Dot Makeup are both new and in the store at *Booty's Beauty*. And I hope you know the store has moved, this is the new link that I am using to get you there. It's a fun sandy beach area with the Lucky Chairs and Midnight Madness Board, and some good music!

The eyes are a new release from AZ Designs. They are the AZ - Mummy Eyes - Yellow. They can be applied to one eye or to both as well. These are applied using Catwa Appliers but there are also Mesh Eye versions of each color. And those come with a hud to manipulate the pupils and make them static or animated. They are available in a fatpack of Mesh only or Applier only sets or in a Fatpack of the same (Mesh or Appliers). These are kinda spooky, I really like that. They also have some World Cup Eyes there too at a great price! So you might find your country's flag among them. There are two sets to choose from for the World Cup Eyes. New in the store.

The shiny lips are the Sintiklia - Lip gloss Shine (Catwa) and it comes with 12 colors and is only for Catwa Heads. I like the dark splotchy and glossy color. This set can be found at the eBento event until July 31st.

And finally, my long locks are the Doe: Shark Bait - Neon from the Doe Shark Bait Gacha at The Epiphany. It had this black and green ombre shade in the Neon hud! This was only $75L to play. Doe caught my eye with their ying yang colored hair. One side can be one color and the other side can be another color so I had to try that out (back then). So they've been on my radar ever since. This hair is no different. You can do that with the Shark Bait Gacha hair too! The Epiphany ends on July 31st.

The Cosmetics Fair - Ends July 31st
Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Festival Starlet - Black Edition Nails

*Booty's Beauty* Omega Brows ~ Punk Pixie, *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Lashes Set ~ Dreamy (NEW) and the *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Makeup ~ Dot (NEW)

AZ Designs
Mummy Eyes & World Cup Eyes

eBento - Ends July 31st
Sintiklia - Lip Gloass Shine (Catwa)

The Epiphany - Ends August 12th
Doe Shark Bait Gacha


Saturday, July 21, 2018

#485 - Lost In The Wilderness

I had this amazing scooter to try out and Wow! I love it! So much fun! This one is available at the Gachaland event that runs all month long. This just happens to be my favorite color. And it compliments the rest of my outfit too! I love the colorfuls!
The #hashbang! Hover Scooter (Lime Green, in my case) does bring a lot of fun and speed into your Second Life! This is a close up of it and as you can see, it is only made for one person to ride. You can adjust yourself in the seat too. It is resize-able so you can fit it to your avatar and the lights work or you can make them glow. You will have to rez this to ride it, it is not wearable, so FYI. There are also particle effects as you move along the highways and biways (or abandoned lands, bike sims, etc.). And did I say? So Much FUN!
There are many you can win from the #hashbang! Hover Scooter Vehicle Gacha @ Gachaland in many different colors. And there is even an Exclusive Cloudmobile Scooter you can receive after the 20th pull on the machine. And it is pretty amazing too!

I took this baby (Lime Scooter) out for a spin with my main squeeze on some abandoned land nearby to test it out and OMG, we had so much fun! This thing goes fast as lighting! Or that could have been me on the gas... kinda how I tend to drive when there is no chance of injury, ya know? I had so much fun on this baby that I lost track of where I was and ended up kinda lost in and endless forest or jungle of some sort! So mind where you are when riding!
I lost it a couple times too when I strayed onto some land that was protected and booted me home, but it was safely back in my inventory when I checked, but I would not advise that, be a safe driver! It is a No Copy item and can be lost without the chance of a re-delivery. They are $89L per pull and worth so much more in fun! So you could just grab another one if you wanted. The next experiment with this one is to get to a biker or driving sim and try to stay on the roads! That will be a challenge for me!
I was so lost! But I'm sure someone would find me in this outfit, even from the sky, you think? These amazingly colorful pants are the Shae's Designs - Grace Rock and Roll Jeans and they are available at the Rainbow Connection Cart Sale and Hunt that also runs all month long. UPDATE: The Grace Rock and Roll Jeans are made for both classic and mesh bodies. Sizes included are Standard mesh sizes, Bellezas, Ebody, Maitreya, Slinks, TMP and Tonics.

I am also wearing Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Festival Starlet Black on the Maitreya nails and they are only available at the Cosmetic Fair right now. You receive Omega, Maitreya & Slink Nail appliers in the package. The Cosmetic Fair ends on July 31st.

So, I was found and I am safely back at home again. I wasn't near as lost as I thought! So I hope you grab one of these Hover Scooter Vehicles and have yourself some fun too!

Gachaland - Ends July 31st
#hashbang! Hover Scooters Vehicle Gacha

And don't miss these events either:

Shae's Designs - Grace Rock & Roll Jeans

The Cosmetic Fair - Ends July 31st
Dark Passions/Koffin Nails - Festival Starlet - Black Edition
Festival Starlet - Metals Edition (also available)