Wednesday, July 1, 2020

#716 - A Lovely Floral Top From ZFG, Perfect For Summer Fun!

I don't usually go for florals, ever. But I decided to try it out this time. And I was happy I did! This was at the Twe12ve event this month and is headed to the store soon. New from ZFG! I am catching up after taking an unexpected weekend trip!
The ZFG Pansy Floral tank is available in 16 single textures or 20 textures in the fatpack. If florals are your thing, then you will want this fatpack! Great colors for summer or the beach! Sizes for Bellezas, Slinks, Maitreya (shown), Ebodys and Tonics. Mesh bodies only. There are also ZFG Bondi panties / bikini bottoms that look great with these! And I love how they go well with these jeans (from Blueberry).
The ZFG Stepford Goth heels are a Hunt Gift in the Hunt For Your Inner Slut: Desperate Slutwives! This hunt goes thru July 15th and you can find it in the store. Or can you? Sizes included are for Freya, Maitreya (shown), Legacy and Slink. And includes a hud with 5 textures one of which works with your Pride Month clothing!

Come on by the store and find them both! And, so much more! Don't forget to check the Sales Room!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

#715 - Fairytale? Pfft...Not Exactly!

This month's The Gacha Life theme is Fairy Tale! And ZFG has quite a different take on the fairy tale theme! The ZFG Fairy Tale Shirt Gacha has some funny and very straightforward feelings on how one might view the fairy tale! Come play for your faves! There are 8 to win and a RARE Fatpack! They are made to fit the Bellezas, Tonics, Slinks and Maitreya mesh bodies. The Gacha Life runs thru month end, closing on June 30th.

Here are a few more sayings:
There is also a thigh-high boot gacha from ZFG here called ZFG Brienne Boots Gacha! Also made for the Bellezas, Tonics, Slinks and Maitreya. Come and get those too! Hope to see you around!
The Gacha Life - Ends June 30th


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Sunday, June 21, 2020

#714 - Meandering About!

I love taking a walk just to clear my mind. It's great for me and great for my mental health! Being out in nature and being quiet just makes me feel good. I am not sure what else to add to this, because most times, this is all I need. Time away from everything that is pulling me in so many different directions.

Hearing the waterfalls behind me are so great! I love the sounds of the water even if I am not getting in it. Those sounds instantly bring me calm.

This is the .:Soul:. - [G3] RanitomeyaV2 - Cynth skin. This was one of the new releases at Fantasy Faire this year back in April / May. There are 6 new skins for both males and females that will be in the store soon. The skins come with Head Appliers for Genus, Lelutka and Omega, BoM skin layers for Head and Body(each made for different mesh bodies), and body appliers for Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Omega and Slink. There are also Censored Cover layers for your bits! Come grab the demos and check them out!

Outfit by Roped Passions, also a release at the Fantasy Faire is now in the store! This is the (RP) - Olina Enchantress Outfit which comes separately by colors or in a fatpack which includes the dress, boots, circlet and necklace, all hudded with 21 colors. And a sheer bootay!

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

#713 - Struttin'

I love showing off my outfits and struttin' while doing so! Colorful and funky fashion finds from ZFG and others. And they all are easy on your wallet!
Now the clothing are hunt prizes from the Cruel Summer Hunt which, is now over. If you have not unpacked your ZFG (ZFG - LORRAINE LEOPARD - skirt), 1 Hundred items (top) or Lilith's Den (glasses), these are in those groups of prizes!
The star of this show though, are the ZFG FRANCIE TIE DYE heels. They are the a pair of wedge sandles that strap up your ankle. In sizes for Bellezas, Slinks and Maitreya Mesh bodies. 20 colors in the Fatpack or 16 single tie dye combos to choose from. Find them at the Vintage Fair now! Vintage Fair Ends on June 22nd.
Also at the Vintage Fair are the DP - Koffin Nails - Gnarly Neons! 9 Solid Neon Colors in this package. Including appliers for Slink, Omega and Maitreya Nail Appliers. Many more styles to choose from at the Vintage Fair!
Make sure to get by here to pick up these new releases! There are maps around when you land at The Vintage Fair.

Vintage Fair - Ends June 22nd


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Monday, June 15, 2020

#712 - Playing in the Sand

New from ZFG @ Under the Sea!
I am loving my quiet times! Of course there was someone around I hadn't noticed, so good thing I was at least wearing this! LOL!
This is the ZFG BONDI bikini, one color of a fatpack that you can find now at the Under The Sea event. I am wearing it on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body, but it also includes the other Bellezas, Ebodys, Slinks, Tonics and Maitreya too. There are 20 colors in the fatpack. Under The Sea ends on June 16th, then you will see this one in the ZFG store. They are 25% off at the event!
And check out those nails! I am wearing the Ally flag. These are the GFY - Pride Nail Appliers. They include 14 different Pride Flags and come with appliers for Belleza, Omega, Slink and Maitreya too! You can find them at the GFY store or on the Marketplace. 10% off for group members inworld.

Under The Sea event - Ends June 16th
Yes, it is actually underwater!

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Friday, June 12, 2020

#711 - Looking for a Few New Necks!

Oh, I actually meant I'm looking for some more friends! Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I found a quiet little town and everyone must have been inside because I came across maybe one person here (in the distance). Or maybe my presence was unsettling. I am not sure why. I was freely able to take a good look around and there are a few homes around here. No town folk around but I will be back. It was nice and secluded. Pretty little town. It was a nice, quiet visit.

I am wearing the Spider Productions - Demon Chibi Wings. These are a smaller set of wings (I am wearing the largest size #6) rigged for human avatars. I love my Demonic Ascendant Wings (larger sized) set too and have done a few posts with those before. These are a nice size if you don't like the larger wings which, sometimes, can get in the way of your view when you are walking or even just standing around. Although, the larger wings can be folded in, keeping your view unobstructed. They work the same as the larger wings with a hud to custom color them. They include a Dark and Light version in one size. I am wearing the dark set #6 in the above pictures. They are black or white by default and you can tint the veins and webbed parts of the wings, bones and more. There are many parts you can tint, and just like the larger wings tinting hud. Included are sound effects and a fluttering when idle.
Great for role play or just because! They are in the store now, so come and get yours! You will see 6 different sizes in the store, in different styles, they are all sold separately, or available as a fatpack.

Spider Producations - Ascendant Wings Demonic Chibi

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

#710 - Cruel Summer Hunt With ZFG

Looking for a hunt where you don't  have to go all over the grid? There is one! And you have a few more days to come find all the goodies! It's the Cruel Summer Hunt and it's happening right now!

This is just two of the 6 items hidden around the Cruel Summer Hunt grounds. You can find them all and have the full set! Items from ZFG in this hunt range from $10L to $25L. I am wearing the ZFG Punk Shirt & ZFG Lorraine Animal Skirt, which are both in the Cruel Summer Hunt. All is worn on the Belleza Freya Mesh Body. The hunt runs until June 14th, so only a few more days before it ends! For these items the sizes included are Bellezas, Ebody, Maitreya, Slinks & Tonics. Covering lots of bodies!

I also have on the ZFG APOCH boots. These come in some pretty bright colors, they go great with the items found at the Cruel Summer Hunt, which is an 80's themed hunt. The APOCH boots come in 3 different fatpacks, Neon, Solids and Plaids - and are available in the store. But you only have 4 days left for the Cruel Summer Hunt! Come on out! These items are greatly discounted from what you would pay in the store for each of these items. So don't delay!

You are looking for the Rubix's Cube Hunt Object. Some are larger than others. They are all over the place! You can see some in the shopping baskets in this photo. They are NOT all easily seen either, know that! And have fun! Turn up the stream and have a listen, it goes with the theme!

Cruel Summer Hunt - Ends June 14th
Gift Keys also in the notecard at the landing point - Grab it!

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Monday, June 8, 2020

#709 - Peek-A-Boo Beachwear for Your Sexy Body!


Taking it easy on the beach! In this barely there swimsuit! Found at Lootbox right now. The Stargazer Sathoa Outfit Gacha is new at this current round of Lootbox Gacha! It includes the full outfit seen here and below in a few colors. Plus, you can win a refreshing drink too! Come on out and play the new SG Sathoa Gacha @ Lootbox! Ends on June 14th. So hurry by for your chance to play!

And, just so you know, here is the backside shot! The swimsuit shows a LOT of skin! The bra top will show the top part of your nipples. I have on a cover layer to hide mine, so keep that in mind. Only at Lootbox right now!

Lootbox Gacha - Ends June 14th

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