Saturday, May 27, 2017

#296 - More New In The Store @ Facepalm Clothing Company!

So deeply in thought I was after taking a walk around the yard. This place is so beautiful and there are store rentals and home rentals here too. I reminisce about times past where I handled rentals and was thinking... Could I do that again? After thinking and welcoming the soft breeze and the fragrant smells of the blooms in the tree I was leaning on, I thought to myself, shook my head to clear my thoughts and said, "Hell No! Geez! What was I thinking?"
Here I am wearing the new denim mini skirt, +FCC+ Leeann. Made for all types of mesh bodies and has a 10 texture hud! Standard Mesh, 3 Belleza, 2 Tonic, 2 Slink, Maitreya, eBody & TMP sizes! You can find +FCC+ Leeann in the store now.

+FCC+ Kristy is also new in the store. I love the peek a boo dresses that Ripley has released! I can cover myself but you can still see a lot of slightly veiled skin! Very sexy, this one has is a one shoulder bared dress, I myself don't have too many of these so I really like them when I get the chance and this one also being sheer here and there makes it even better! It comes with an 8 color hud and sizes for mesh bodies only: 3 Belleza, 2 Slink, 1 Maitreya & TMP sizes. 

And there you have it! More new in the store! Don't forget the hunts mentioned in the last +FCC+ post and now if you wear your tag (if you are a member of the store group), you can buy at the lower price seen on the menu! But only if you wear your group tag. So join now!

Also Seen:

+FCC+ Leeann M Lara
Hair: !head desk! Sunny @ Twe12ve (Ends May 30th)
Tank Top: //Ascend// Jean Tank top / Pale green - Lara @ Kinky (now closed, possibly in store)
Earrings: :::Sn@tch Star Princess Earrings (Gold)::: (Gift at an event I cannot recall, sorry!)
Collar: Cae :: Interlaced :: Collar
Shoes: Essenz - Namibia (Black) Maitreya
Mesh Head: [AK] Mesh Head Eretica Vers. 1.5 (BENTO)
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Pose: EvoLove - Confined 6

+FCC+ Kristy M Lara
Eyes: .:Soul:. Deep Space Cat Eyes - Brown
Hair: Exile: Countess
Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG Barocco tattoo  FADED - Maitreya / Belleza
Eye makeup: ::SG:: GEMG Shadow for Akeruk.Catwa.OMEG & Classic AV(10L MP)
Lipstick: Zibska ~ Adelie [no trans] LIPSTICK
Pose: Exposeur - febgift15-2M (Gift 2015) May no longer be available

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#295 - They Are Finally Here! Inara Suspender Outfits! One Week Special Pricing!!

Roped Passions has now released the Inara Suspender Outfits in two hudded versions for all to enjoy! Previously, these outfits were released for a two week period only at a special event. There are two hudded versions and you can get them in the store at a special promo release pricing! They are also available on the Marketplace too!
Here I am looking kinda lost on an abandoned bus stop...But I look good! So I found time to pose!

You get 8 color choices for the Colors hud. It also comes in many mesh body sizes too. Classic, 2 Slink, 3 Belleza, Maitreya & TMP sizes are included and now the matching heels are included too! Come pick this up for the in store price of $299L before the promo pricing is over. You will only have one week! 

This is the Neutral version and all is the same when you buy this one same mesh body sizes and matching heels, etc, etc! 8 color hud for the neutrals too! Both outfits shown on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. The heels come in both Slink and Maitreya sizes.

Don't forget in store special promo pricing is for one week only! There are only a few days left!

Also Seen:

Roped Passions Inara Suspender Outfit Colors Hudded - Pic #1
(RP) Inara Suspender Outfit Hudded Colors - Maitreya
Analog Dog - rampion - DARK REDS @ Enchantment (Ends May 31st)
Anachron - Round Frame Glasses Gacha - Kaleidoscope Warm RARE @ GachaGardens (Ends May 30th)
Cae :: Interlaced :: Collar
Maitreya Mesh Body & Bento Hands - Lara V4.1
[AK] Mesh Head Eretica Vers. 1.5 (BENTO)
Pose: DieselWorks – Tulip6

RopedPassions Inara Suspender Outfit Neutrals Hudded - Pic #2
(RP) Inara Suspender Outfit Hudded Neutrals - Maitreya
Poses: VistaAnimations - *HUD3.9j* HOT & SPICY AO V1.1 – Captured Moments

Background Items:
RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Abandoned Bus-Stop @ Gacha Garden (Ends May 30th)
Soy. Abandoned Memorys - Bench [Gray]
Soy. Abandoned Memorys - Bicycle [Yellow]
Soy. Abandoned Memorys - Bus Stop Sign

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Friday, May 26, 2017

#294 - Our Dirty Little Secrets!

Facepalm Clothing Company is taking part in the Dirty Little Secrets Hunt and the Our Little Secret Hunt which both fall under the Red Shoe Diaries Hunts. You can find more about that on their website, here. First, the $25L Item, +FCC+ Innocence. This is a sexy applier lingerie outfit with an over shirt.
The overshirt is mesh and comes in many mesh body sizes (3 Belleza, 2 Slink, Maitreya & TMP) and standard mesh sizes too. The lingerie is Slink, Maitreya & Omega Appliers. The Our Little Secret Hunt runs from May 25th to June 25th.

Next is the $1L item in the Dirty Little Secrets Hunt:
+FCC+ Megan has a six texture hud for this sexy little nightie. And at $1L it's a steal! The same sizes as the +FCC+ Innocence but addtional sizes for eBody and 2 Tonic! That is a great deal all for only $1L! The Dirty Little Secret Hunt runs from May 25th to June 25th.

These cool camo capris are something your wardrobe needs! Pair them with a little tank and you are set! I have on some tennis but I could see wearing some heels in these too. You could go very casual and comfy or dress them up a little. They come with a 6 texture hud for the camo in different colors.

These are the +FCC+ Dani PJs and this is the ladies version. There is a men's version in the store for you guys too! That one is called +FCC+ Dan. Dani comes with a hud with 7 color plaids and the tank comes in grey only. Dani pants come in the following mesh sizes: 3 Belleza, 2 Slink, 2 Tonic, 1 Maitreya & TMP. 

Keep reading for the men's version!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

#293 - The Moth And The Pennie

.:Soul:. creates skins and attachments to change your avatar in dramatic ways. Amazing colors, tattoos, varied skins and attachments of many kinds, makeups, eyes, ears etc...and now here is something just for laughs!
Just for mega laughs, this item, .:Soul:. Antennae - Peenie, is on a group discount for only $99L in the store. You get the version seen above and a Uni-Peenie version! LOL! So two for one discounted price in this package! Wear your peenies with pride! They are Omega enabled so if you have a skin with an omega applier, you can apply it to the Peenie Antennae. You get the .:Soul:. HUD and have glow, tip color and marking color options too. 

And the .:Soul:. Antennae - Moth is also new in the store and this one is 25% off until June 1st. So don't miss it! The same .:Soul:. HUD and options on this but you can also change what the Fronds look like along with their color. These are also Omega enabled.

Both these antennae are Bento as well. So they will respond to your Bento head expressions if the brows are animated with that expression. Tested on Lelutka and CATWA Bento heads.

And since I found a couple furry looks previously, I thought I would try them on with those looks too! 
I think they go well on both these looks I had to tint them to make them match with the hud which wasn't a problem at all. 

Also Seen:

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#292 - Remembering Those We've Lost And Those Still Fighting

There are many areas to explore at the Medieval Faire, but one in particular is very beautiful not just because of it's scenery, but because of it's meaning. The Hope Garden. Whether you go here to remember those you've lost or to hope and/or pray for the best outcomes for those who are struggling and living with cancer, it is a very peaceful area of the Medieval Faire. There are benches around to sit and take in the sights around you, or sit and pray or send good thoughts and vibes to those who are living with cancer. Those in your life, in friend's lives, or just in general all those who are living with a cancer diagnosis and/or those whom we've lost. 
The butterflies flutter softly around the Hope Garden among all the flora and fauna. There is a waterfall across from the deck as you enter the garden. I donned this full length gown from Folkloric, the Ashara's Dress (outfits for the menfolk too!) and the matching Circlet, and decided to visit the Hope Garden today to do some reflection and meditation. This dress comes in two color versions and there are demos in the Folkloric stall to try before you buy.
I myself live with a breast cancer diagnosis and although I don't really try to think too much on it, I do still often pray for continued improving health for myself and those I know who are living with their diagnosis. And it is during the quiet moments of the day that this comes to my mind to remember to do this. Our lives are so hectic and busy and technology keeps us constantly connected, so places like The Hope Garden help me to slow down and remember to ask for continued strength and improving health as I continue on my journey. Why not visit The Hope Garden at the Medieval Faire to slow down a bit and reflect on whomever might be in your life that needs your prayers and well wishes? 
This is the Courage Potion Necklace you can win from The Little Bat gacha at the UAC Medieval Faire. There are many more to win, trade and collect in this gacha machine. This is only one item that can be found in the !TLB stall, there are many more items to choose from, I hope you will take a look! 

Meanwhile, the man was out checking out the arenas on the fairegrounds to see what if any challenges they presented. This is the Sword Melee Arena which is on the Activities Sim at the Medieval Faire. You will have to do some climbing to get to this area which is behind the Jousting Arena and up the hill after crossing the horse track. I wonder if I will hear his thoughts on the area when he returns? He wears a Navy blue outfit called The Huntsman which is also from Folkloric. There are two color versions of this outfit for men and they come with both hood up and hood down versions in each package. There is a demo to try before you buy as well.
As seen above, there are more activities around the faire that you may not know about, Jousting, Horse races, Archery and more. There is a rather large sign showing all the scheduled activities that will be happening during the faire and you can also see it on the Tournament Schedule found here. There is also a Schedule of Events at the faire.

Both Folkloric [f] and The Little Bat (!TLB) can be found in the Huntgate Court  area of the faire. Here is the map of the shopping area:

Monday, May 22, 2017

#291 - Foxy Foxclaw... I've gone furry!

I've always wanted to have a furry look for quite some time but after seeing the "Mod Kits" and reading the ads for the furry avatar looks or outfits, I just was pretty apprehensive about trying it. I didn't think I would understand how or what to do with the kits. So guess what? I admired from afar. I just looked on without trying. And I am fine with that.

But I happened to be hanging with a close friend, Taheed, (whom I recently found out considers me her best friend!) who is a furry, and she told me it wasn't very hard at all and she could help me with this look and the kits and all that. So I said "Okay! Let's Do It!" So yay! Off we went to search the Marketplace (well really she did!) and find what kind of look I wanted. She mentioned a fox avatar and I thought, hey! That works with my name already so that is the one. She actually found all the things I needed and she helped me get all of it! ALL of it!
So now I have a furry foxy version of me! Thanks to Taheed for all her help! She walked me through it step by step and it wasn't hard at all. I had let all the "mod kit" jargon get to me before. And I do have another fox version that uses my Maitreya Lara Mesh Body along with the furry parts so...there should be another coming when I have more time. But for now, this is my Foxy Foxclaw furry look! I love it!
And here is my bestie who helped me out! Taheed799 Resident:
Thank you so much Taheed! I wouldn't have done it ever without your help! And thanks for getting me my new look! That was a bonus I didn't expect! The location here (The Outer Garden) is a very beautiful place where we hung out for a while after completing my look that night. So beautiful and calm and beautiful music too!

And here is what we are wearing:

My Look:
Textures: Puppy - Viss Krystal Fox – Natural “Mod Kit”
Ears & Tail:  Viss Krystal Fox Ears & Tail
Shirt: Viss SexyShirts – 30 colors
Necklace: !TLB - Game On! Necklace
Location: The MAGE (sandbox)

Taheed’s Look:
Hair: Calico - Zoe Hair
Horns: *NAM* Chibi Horns type A - white (cannot locate)
Location: The Outer Garden

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

#290 - Never Forget... The Tether!

Wow! This planet is amazing! Look at how colorful it is and with such amazing things like crystals and mountains, misty and so blue and the sky... it almost seems like we are in a coloring book world! So I was the first to venture outside the vessel upon landing and in my excitement and wonder, I forgot to make sure the tether was attached to my spacesuit! So there I went floating around this wondrous, colorful new planet! 

Never ever forget your tether! 
So I floated around until I could come near to anything that I could boost myself back to the ship! Which took a while, but during this time, I was able to take in the amazing sights around me!

Anachron's Rigged Mesh Spacesuit - Andromeda can be found at the new round of GENRE which runs until June 12th. There are five versions available and there are versions for both male and female avatars. They come in standard mesh sizes and they look great! 

Also Seen Above:

Anachron - Rigged Mesh Spacesuit - Andromeda @ GENRE (Ends June 12th)
Mesh body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body V4.1
Hair: !Head Desk! Gale
Pose 1: Astalinda – Infinity 4 (No longer available)
Pose 2: {Nantra} Defying Gravity 4
Location: ~Universe~ (adult sim)

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

#289 - Preview from Unmasking A Cure Medieval Faire - Opens May 19th

I was out taking a stroll around the faire grounds and found my way to the Tavern in the Cave. But, before entering I had to stop and take in the view near the water's edge and gaze at the ruins not far from the mainland.

This dress, Lady McAlister of Skye, is from MacMoragh an Gabha. It comes in 5 Standard Mesh sizes and is shown here on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. The skirt is a beautiful red plaid with a brown inset in the front, the underbust corset is a dark tealish green and a peasant top in cream (all one piece). You will find it here at the Unmasking A Cure Medieval Faire (Opens May 19th). This purchase is a 100% donation to Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society. MacMoragh an Gabha also has more in his shop to choose from for both the Men and the Ladies and weapons of all kinds as well.
You can find MacMoragh an Gabha on Westminster Lane behind the Main Faire Stage/DJ area of the Town Square.

Also shown here is the HHVET Victoriana - Peaceful Harvest Necklace. Show your hopes of a peaceful and abundant harvest with this simplisticly pretty necklace. This is also available at the Unmasking A Cure Medieval Faire (Opens May 19th). This is only one of the items available from HHVET Victoriana at the faire. You will find HHVET in the Traveler's Camp at the faire.

I hope you will come take a look and help out with this great cause! Outside donations are accepted at the kiosks around the faire grounds and here:

Keep up with all the happenings with the social media links and websites below:

Twitter: @unmaskingacure and @mary_teodosio
Google+: mary teodosio

What I am wearing:

Dress: MacMoragh an Gabha - Lady MacAlister of Skye (@ UACMF - Opens May 19th)
Necklace: HHVETVictoriana - Peaceful Harvest Necklace (@ UACMF - Opens May 19th)
Hair: AD - Rampion - DARK REDS @ Enchantment (May 13th - 31st)
Mesh Head: LOGO Quinn Bento Head v0.4.23 (Beta - Not Yet Available, see info in store)
Mesh Body & Hands: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara & Bento Hands V4.1
Shape: LOGO Quinn Shape v0.4.23
Eyes: .:Soul:. Deep Space Cat Eyes – Brown @ Memento Mori (Ends May 27th)
Location: Unmasking A Cure Medieval Faire - (UACMF) (LM will be added Opening Day)
Windlight: [TORS Dusk] Vision of Something

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