Saturday, October 13, 2018

#509 - Walking Warmly Through The Fire

Well! I am back to blogging again after a much anticipated vacation! Where it was sooo warm and back home is now sooo cold! But, I have this so cool hoodie from ZFG clothing (Zero F*cks Given) who is a new store on my blog that comes from an old designer/friend! So as you can imagine from the name of the store, that this line of clothing might be a little darker than previously seen on my blog. But hey... I am part of Twisted anyway, right?! So, let's commence, shall we? And that's enough of a warning for ya!
The ZFG - Try Me Zombie Hoodie is a ZFG Group Gift in the store right now so don those tags and get over there to grab yours! The one seen above is worn on the Slink Hourglass body. It includes sizes for Bellezas, Slinks and Maitreya mesh bodies.
This new hair is from Adoness : Ares is a new release in the store. It is a short braided mohawk-like style with a wispy loose bang hanging down one side. This is the Greyscale hud I used to get this blue hued black hair. 
My makeup is from *Booty's Beauty* and includes one brand new item from the store, the Eye Lashes/Liner - Enigmatic. This one is for Catwa heads and you will find this one new in the store.
The nails here are from Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Eternal Essence and it is only at the Fallen Gods 11th Anniversary Market through the end of October. It is one of two new releases at this event. These fatpacks come with Omega, Slink and Maitreya nail appliers in the box.
And the skin is from Fallen Gods @ the We <3 Roleplay event right now. One of two there for both male and females. And now for the links to get you where you wanna go!


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

So Sorry! I was on vacation! Back to posting in a day or so.

I posted a notice to my Flickr and notified my sponsors and designers, but not one post here! Ack! Bad blogger! I've been on vacation and I will be back to posting here in a day or so. 


I missed being in Second Life, but I was having a ball while away too!

New posts coming in a day or so!

(my original post before leaving)

Sunday, September 30, 2018

#508 - New Attitude!!!

Don't Follow the Crowd! Make the Crowd Follow You!

Totally how I feel in these new hairstyles from Adoness at this year's Hair Fair 2018! These new styles are attention grabbing. And they have a bit of extra attitude to them with the side locks that can be worn with/or without the hair. I am wearing this one, Adoness - hipp, on the Catwa Uma mesh bento head. I am also wearing the new Adoness - Native Hairbase (sadly very hard to see it). This is also one of two new hair base releases at Hair Fair 2018 from Adoness.
Here are Adoness Beanie and Ainia hairstyles. Both are at Hair Fair 2018. I have one with the side locks on and one without them.
If you'd like to know where to get this snarky shirt, you can find it at Roped Passions (#15 - Twisted Hunt Inferno) in her Snarky Shirt Gacha! But Hurry! The Twisted Hunt ends Sunday, Sep. 30th! Get there for a chance to play and win this one of many Snarky Shirts in the machine before it's gone!

I am wearing the Adoness - Native Hairbase in these photos but not sure if it was me, lighting or SL that night, but they would not show up for me in the photos. So, I've included the ads here so you can actually see the detail:

Now you can see the details! These are fitted for the GA EG heads but I am wearing them on CATWA Uma. They are Omega Appliers for both and they will also fit other mesh heads too. They come in two shades and you can tint them either with the included hud or your mesh head's hud.

And finally...New Adoness @ Salem - which opened on Sep 29th
This is the Adoness : Celano in the blues and greens that matches it so well with this fantasy skin tone from Fallen Gods Inc.Also wearing Adoness - The World hair base. All the hairstyles are adjustable via the hud for the size and by editing the position on your head as are the side locks. I think the side locks look great on this skin too. They seem very much a part of this full elven like look. This hairstyle you will find at the Salem event which runs from Sep 29th to Oct 31st.

And all this attitude is from Adoness! Here are the links to find all the hairstyles seen above:

Adoness @ Hair Fair 2018 - Noirette Sim - Ends October 7th

Adoness @ Salem - Sep 29th - Oct 31st
(Could not get a more direct link tonight, it's full!)

And here are all the other details...


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

#507 - Twisted Living!

What can I say, but there is nothing like Twisted Living! Do you love all things Twisted? I DO! And just take a look at this living room I've put together from the items found in the Twisted Hunt and a little seasonal help from Fantasy China's items in The Creative Spark Shopping Event! They all compliment each other in colors and bringing the feeling of warmth to my living room!

The items from Fantasy China's - The Creative Spark's Autumn's Golden Crown sales event items are on the lower half of the fireplace wall. The Full Perm Mesh Autumn Lights Centerpieces I hung on the wall instead of laying them on a table and, the Full Perm Mesh Zinc Tub with Pumpkins are on either side of the fireplace. Both are full perm items and come with the elements necessary to make them your own. I'm showing them here as the models that were included in the package. This sale ends on 9/30/18 so only a few more days to get these at the discounted prices! You can find this information on their website.
And then there is the Twisted Hunt Inferno this month which, by the way is also nearly over. But I had to show you this amazing living room from Twisted merchant gachas and main hunt gifts! Each year I think all the things get better and better! There is a lot here, so I will do my best to be brief and list the Twisted decor at the end of the post. Items seen here are from Dekute Dekor (#22), Chiana Oh (#68), EC Designs (#26), Lilith's Den(#11), {collect}(#16), [MO] (#51) and Lunar Seasonal Designs(#64). All of whom are in the Twisted Hunt!

RYL - Lady w/Waving Gown Fresko
The wall painting is from RYL - Lady w/Waving Gown Fresko and is a hunt gift in the Renaissance Hunt, (RYL is #30 in the hunt) which also ends on 9/30/18 too. So a little time left to get over there and pick that up still! This is a fresco painting and the colors of the dress was perfect for my Twisted Living Room.
Many of the wall hangings are from Twisted Hunt Inferno gachas. The ones on the far wall to the right are from Dekute Dekor (#22). As are the sofas and the side tables in the middle. Also in this picture is a gacha from a previous Twisted Hunt by MoonliteCat Designs (#25).

And finally, here are some more Twisted Hunt Inferno decor items, Magnum Opus [MO] - Main Hunt Gifts, Inferno Oil Painting Gacha (Oil Painting - Dekute Dekor), Twisted Special Items (column @ Lilith's Den), and again, [MO] Main Hunt Gifts and EC Designs - Twisted Time to Sin Clock Gachas.

The Creative Spark - Autumn's Golden Crown

Twisted Hunt Inferno - Ends Sep 30th, End Game open until Oct 7th

Renaissance Hunt - Ends Sep 30th


Monday, September 24, 2018

#506 - Casual Attire For Your Everyday!

Known for being more on the racy and crazy sexy side with her harnesses, chain boots, corsets, sexy footwear and all things sexy...Roped Passions brings you some casual attire for your everyday out and about looks for the Spoonful of Sugar Festival.
These casual separates are perfect for your everyday dealings if you are at work or just out and about. The {RP} Liliana Crop Top and Sienna Casual Pants are both hudded and have matching colors as shown above. The top comes in 5 Standard Mesh, Bellezas, Slinks, Tonics, TMP and Maitreya Mesh Body sizes. The pants come with all the above except Tonics (no Tonic sizes). So they both cover lots of mesh bodies. On the Maitreya, they auto alpha'd my body out as needed, so that is a welcome feature of both of these separates. Both have 3 different huds or the full fatpack of all the colors.

The huds on both match each other and have so many options and colors. The Liliana Crop Top alone comes with (fatpack) Stripes, Solids, Ombres and Two Toned options. The Sienna Casual Pants come with (fatpack) Stripes, Solids, Denims and options for the Belt and Metals.

And the hair you see here is only found at Hair Fair 2018 right now from ICONIC. This is the new release, ICONIC - GAIA (one of three new releases), and it comes with a style hud for wearing the braid or not wearing it and making it an updo as seen in the next pictures. I've purchased it in the Millennium Darks hud. I really like the colors in this hud. They are dark ombres in few regular colors and in a more fantasy color palette (I think). Colors I usually look for are different, or unique. Only at Hair Fair 2018. Hair Fair runs from Sept 22nd to Oct 7th.
The {RP} Martina Dress Blouse is a sexy casual with its plunging neckline. Very feminine and delicate, it includes textures for Silks, Solids, Shimmers, Patterns and options for the Ties. Again in matching colors to coordinate all the pieces with each other. 3 options on the huds or you can buy the full fatpack of all the colors. You can create many great looks with these three pieces alone. The Martina Dress Blouse comes with Standard Mesh sizes for classics and mesh body sizes for Belleza Freya and Isis, both Slinks and Maitreya. And a lovely top to have in your wardrobe!
And finally, also found at the Roped Passions store @ Spoonful of Sugar, is the Wedge Riding Boots Gacha! These are mesh riding boots in 10 colors you can win. And the Rare is the fully hudded set of all 10 colors! Come try your luck!

You still have a few days to see the SOS Festival before it ends and the beautifully landscaped sim! Catch these specials while they are at the festival!

Roped Passions @ Spoonful of Sugar Festival - Ends Sep 30th
benefiting MSF/Doctors Without Borders
Sims & More Info

ICONIC @ Hair Fair 2018 - Ends Oct 7th
benefiting Wigs for Kids
Sims, SurLs & Styles

Both these events purchases will benefit some hard working charities so help us out with your purchases and you will be helping two worthy causes! That always makes you feel good!


Saturday, September 22, 2018

#505 - New Hailey (and Henley) Skins in Drow, Fantasy & Human Skin Tones @ .:Soul:.

And one day she discovered that she was fierce, 
and strong and full of fire, and that not even she
 could hold herself back, because her passion
 burned brighter than her fears.
Found on Pinterest, Iron Fire Fitness, Motivation board*

This is the .:Soul:. Hailey [H4] skin, just one of the many new Hailey & Henley(for the guys) skin releases this week and only for one week they are 25% off! This ends on Sunday, September 23rd! So not too long left for this! They are both available in the full Drow, Fantasy and Human skin tones now! Only at the .:Soul:. Mainstore. The package includes Head Appliers in Catwa and Omega, Ear Appliers and System skins. The body appliers are sold separately. Come check out a demo and find your must have!
And, I will add a close up on my Flickr because MAKEUP!!!

And of course, this Hailey skin works wonderfully well surrounded by the Twisted Hunt Inferno Main Prizes and Special items I have to show off today. Here you see items from L2L (Little 2 Large #27), CNZ (#62), and Timeless Textures (#30).

Seen here:
Pose: CNZ Born in the Fire – Twisted Hunt Prize
(Includes: wings, fire base and hand fires)
Choker: L2L Inferno Choker - Multi – Classic – Twisted Hunt Gacha
Hair: :::Sn@tch Lamia Hair (GOTH-L)::: – Twisted Hunt Main Prize #13
IMP: L2L Twisted for 10 Years - Inferno Imp Floor Display – Twisted Special Item (on sale)
Gate: L2L Inferno Gate to Hell (MM Prize THF18) – Twisted Hunt Main Prize
Background Texture: Timeless Textures - Wyvern Fire Sample 1a
(texture is not from the hunt, but works great here! But Timeless IS the hunt!)

Here are the links to get you where you want to be!

.:Soul:. - New Hailey & Henley Release Sale ends September 23rd!

Twisted Hunt Inferno Website
Twisted Headquarters & Starting Point

Other Credits:

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

#504 - Dreaming Thicket's Lovely Laelia Gowns @ We Love Roleplay

I am jumping in here to show you just one of a few beautiful gowns from Dreaming Thicket at the current We Love Roleplay event this month. 
This hugs my body so nicely. and it looks great! Get your fill of compliments when wearing this beautiful gown in this color, Leaf, or in any of the six colors available at the We Love Roleplay event. And they are at a discounted price only while at the event! So come on by the event before it ends on September 30th.
The Dreaming Thicket - Laelia gown comes with sizes for mesh bodies and a fitted standard mesh size. The mesh body sizes included are for Bellezas, Slinks and Maitreya Lara. The fit shown above it the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. It fits me wonderfully!

Along with the gown I have a couple of Twisted Main Gift prizes from the Twisted Hunt Inferno this month too. And seen in the above picture is just one of the body tattoos from ***DSO*** (#57). This is the Twisted Inferno Tatt in Moss. Because you know me and the greens! It looked great on this Orc skin from .:Soul:. too!

The Twisted Hunt lasts the entire month but don't wait til the end to get through the hunt, you may be sorry! It takes some time and then you have the End Game too! Which by the way, is also due in many parts to the creator behind Dreaming Thicket. She also creates those amazingly creative Twisted Hunt End Games we have trudge and fight and make our ways through to get to the final prizes in the hunt! Always worth it though once you make it! But NOT easy! At least never is for me!
Not shown above (my mistake!), but shown here is the ***DSO*** Twisted Strange Brew Mask (mask gacha) went so well with this skin, gown and all my greens you see here. This is a gacha at the DSO store (#57). There are masks in the many colors of all the Twisted Hunts in this gacha! And for only a few lindens to play.

Also seen here is the Twisted Main Gift from Sn@tch, the Sn@tch Lamia Hair (horns included) is your prize for finding the cube at Sn@tch (#13). And as always in some nice goth colors and ombres that match the theme of each hunt or event, like the one seen here. Don't miss the side hunt there! See the Flickr pic for the poem concerning the side hunt (or slap the easel at the store).

And, even more Twisted Main Prizes from Astara (#35) and Grogo's Gadgets (#70) too! Which have both seen a lot of time in my Twisted blog posts. Because I love! Thank you so much to all those merchants who've sent out blogger packs. I am trying hard to get to as many as possible. So glad we have a team of bloggers covering the hunt now. Who, FYI, are all listed on the front page of my blog! 

Dreaming Thicket @ We Love Roleplay - Ends September 30th

Twisted Hunt Inferno - Ends September 30th
End Game open until October 7th
Twisted Headquarters & Hunt Starting Point


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

#503 - Taking a Wicked Rest!

I've only begun hunting and plan to do more! These merchants are making it hard on a hunter this time, but as usual I suppose! This time? Who am I kidding? But it's so worth it! Just look at the hunt prizes, extras, sales, and special items from Twisted Inferno!
So I am basking here in all the Twisted glory that can be gained from going through the Twisted Hunt Inferno! This hanging chair is the LoveEverlasting ~ Hanging Chair *Inferno* Twisted Special Edition and is her Twisted Hunt Main Prize (#17).

I am wearing even more Twisted Inferno prizes too!
I am wearing the following:

Dress: MLCC Persephone Dress Inferno Maitreya – Twisted Main Prize @ #25
Hair: A&A - Twisted Genasi Hair - Twisted Side Hunt Prize @ #4
Eyes: Attitude is an Artform - Inferno eyes - Twisted Main Hunt Prize @ #4
Brows: A&A Twisted Genasi Brows - Twisted Side Hunt Prize @ #4
**Note: A&A items come in both Regular AV and Petite AV versions**
Earrings: DragonFyre Designs (DFD) - Anger Earrings – Twisted Gacha @ #50
Nose Ring: Astara - Spiked Septum V1 1 – Twisted Main Prize @ #35
Necklace: GG: THF18 - Inferno Necklace – Twisted Main Prize @ #70
Watch: GG: THF18 - Inferno Watch – Twisted Main Prize @ #70
Belt: DFD - Anger Hellfyre Belt – Twisted Main Prize @ #50
All the above coordinates well with all the Twisted Side Quest Prizes too! I only have a few out here, but here is what you see from Love Everlasting: LE ~ Iris Plant *Special Edition Inferno* (side quest gift), LE ~ Bleeding Plant (Twisted side quest gift) and the LE ~ Golden Fire Urn @ #17.

I also have some items from Lilith's Den shown here too. In the background are the Lilith’s Den - Carmine Cibum A,B & C FIRE (Twisted Hunt Main Gift) and LD - Carmine Cibum A,B & C DAWN – Twisted Special Sale Item. And, if you didn't see the previous post on the side hunt collaboration between Lilith's Den (#11) and Fantavatar & Moonstruck (#8), check that out here (Post #500). There are a lot more Twisted Special items for this Inferno theme! I love landscaping and had to show these off and show others off in that previous post too. 

And what is the dark lava colored items surrounding me? Well that is the LE ~ Twisted Inferno Gazebo 10 x 10 (side quest gift), another gift! And you need quite a bit to fill it! It is only 10 prims at this size and has plenty of room as you can see here. Another gift in the Twisted Inferno Side Quest at Love Everlasting (#17).

And finally, a closer look at a new *Booty's Beauty* makeup set. This is the *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Makeup ~ The 3 L's (Liner, Lashes & Lipstick) and this set is at the Designer's Showcase until September 30th.

This close up also shows you the Attitude is an Art Form (#4) - Inferno Eyes, Genasi Brows and Genasi Hair. Here you can also see the Anger Earrings by DragonFyre Designs (#50).

Good Luck to you all as you go forth and hunt! I hope you find all the cubes!!!

Twisted Hunt Inferno - Sep 1st - 30th
Twisted Headquarters
& Merchant List

Designer Showcase - Ends Sep 30th
*Booty's Beauty* Catwa Makeup ~ The 3 L's Catwa Makeup

Other Credits:
Skin: +FG Inc.+ - Scales [xx]+FGInc.+ Fire
Mesh Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears [v2] - Blix

Makeup: *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Makeup ~ The Three Ls Hud
Background – Large Plants: Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Megil Plant (Fire)

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