Wednesday, February 20, 2019

#552 - MacMoragh an Gabha Fashions - Men's Texas T's!

For the guys from -=MaG=- Fashions!
Guys! Here are some cool t-shirts for you and if you are from Texas, I think you will especially like them! The -=MaG=- Texas T's set comes with a hud of 8 textures for this t-shirt! Eight! It is shown here on the Signature Gianni mesh body but includes many mesh body sizes and sizes for the classic avatar bodies too! Come on into the store and pick up this set for yourself. There are a variety of men's clothing in the store and -=MaG=- also participates in a few discount sale events you can also learn about in the store! So it'll be worth your time to stop by for a visit. Find even more deals while you are there!

Sizes for the Texas T's include: Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Nardcotix, Signature, Slink, TMP and Standard Mesh sizes for the classic avatar (with alpha). All you need to cover a lot of bodies! The shirt also comes in tucked or untucked versions too! So 2 versions of the T-shirt and many options on both mesh and classic bodies, very versatile for you guys. Come check him out inworld at -=MaG=-!


T-shirts: -=MaG=- Texas T's - NEW
Jeans: .:MooZ:.{Frank} JEANS

Male Body Details:

Mesh Head: [GA.EG] Hugo Mesh Head & Ears
Skin: [GA.EG] Hugo Body Skin Hairy
Mesh body: [Signature] Gianni Body - Body - v4.6
Body Shape: -Nivaro- Griffin Shape
Brows Shape: -Nivaro- Griffin Brows&Jawline
Poses: [..::CuCa Designs::..] Male Dances Vol2 Fatpack
Background: Paparazzi - Urban View BACKDROP

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Friday, February 15, 2019

#551 - Anti-Valentine Group Gift from {zfg}

So now that Valentine's Day has passed, time to pull all this down! Especially if you don't care for Valentine's Day to begin with! So I chose to dismantle someone's display for them! And what a mess it was!
Don't care for Valentine's Day either? You may love to have this funny as hell Anti-Valentine Group Gift from {zfg}! This is the {zfg} Cupid Hunter sweater. Made for mesh bodies only (Bellezas, Slinks, Maitreya, eBody, Altamura & Tonics) and includes many different sizes. I am wearing it on the Slink Hourglass. The Sassy skirt I am wearing is also from {zfg} at the Truth or Dare Affair 4 event this month! It comes with mesh body sizes including Bellezas, Slinks and Maitreya. This skirt is made for mesh bodies only.
You will receive a hud with 6 textures for the sweater, all happily blasting Valentine's Day! And it fits nice and snug on this Hourglass body. You can't get it unless you are wearing your tag so don't forget that when you head to the store!
You will find this in the {zfg} Group Gift area past the stairs as you come in the entrance of the store.
And, let me say how sorry I am to not have had this out at least on Valentine's Day or earlier. RL had me tied up with a Valentine's Day deadline I absolutely had to meet. But here it is for you now! And still available to grab as a group gift!

Grab this soon! Not sure how soon the gift might change!

Truth or Dare Affair 4 - Ends Feb 28th


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

#550 - Valentine Nail Designs - Love Bites Hunt

New for the Love Bites Hunt that runs until February 17th, Dark Passions has a bunch of sets of Anti / Valentine Themed Nails you can find around the region. Each set is $25L, far less than what you would pay to purchase them normally ($150L). I have 3 of the designs for you here today.
Here are the Dark Passions - Falling Hearts designs, there is also a Falling Hearts Pastel set. The great thing about these hunt gifts is they are fatpacks like the other sets at full price, so you get all the same appliers as you would in the full price sets. Six designs and Maitreya, Omega and Slink Appliers in each one.
Here are the DP - Broken Promises designs. Another one of the designs available in the Love Bites Hunt! This hunt ends on Feb 17th, so don't wait! There are a lot of designers in this hunt too. All on one region with ranges in hunt item prices from $0L to $25L.

Bento Rings seen above are the Astralia - It's all about love <3 rings (Maitreya only)
All Nails shown are Omega Appliers on the #EMPIRE - Coffin Nails - Medium
Finally, here are the Heart and Soul Nail designs. This is a soft pastel colored with tips design. All at Dark Passions in the Love Bites Hunt! There are 7 sets to be found! All Anti / Valentine Themed sets whether its Young Love or Broken Promises there is most likely a set for you in this bunch! 

Stop by today! Don't delay! The 17th it's gonna be all over!

Love Bites Hunt - Ends Feb 17th

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Monday, February 11, 2019

#549 - (NSFW) Red Hot Valentine Looks from Roped Passions - (NSFW)

The day is fast approaching! And Roped Passions has new looks for both the ladies and the men! First, the ladies with the new Chained Cupid outfit. This is a full outfit, so wings, bodysuit, boots, bow and arrow also included. This is made for mesh bodies only.
And since I am starting with the sexiest of the sexy here, I will wind down with the calmer looks after this.  :D  But if you wanna ramp things up fast and right away, I would suggest this outfit first. But that's just me! You do you!
This is the (RP) Chained Cupid outfit. PERFECT for showing off all the important parts! And super sexy and waiting for you at the store for Valentine's Day. The sale on this outfit lasts until Feb 14th. As stated before, it's made for mesh bodies only and comes in sizes for Maitreya (shown) and both Slinks only.

After all the fun has been had, you need something comfortable to lounge around in or to sleep in, and this is the perfect sleepwear for Valentine's Day:
These are the (RP) Valentines Kardia Pajamas, the perfect light outfit to louge around in. Or, if you are like me, run around SL in! Been doing that for days now! So comfy! And yes with the boots and the wings too! Looked great together! The Kardia Pajamas are made for both mesh and classic avatar bodies. So they include sizes for Standard Avatars XS to XL and sizes for the following mesh bodies: Bellezas, Slinks, Tonics, TMP and Maitreya (shown above). This set is hudded so you can texture the top and the bottom separately. There are 14 textures for each of the top and bottoms. And 7 textures for the buttons on the top. Very cute pjs to have in your wardrobe!

And for the guys!
The Roped Passions - Valentines Mens Shirt! These shirts are hudded and you have 14 different textures to choose from in the hud. So if you like the Valentine sayings or designs those are in there. If you don't, there are still a few striped designs and different Valentine designs in there too! You see the Signature Gianni above, they fit so nicely on that body. This also comes with many mesh body and classic avatar body sizes. Along with the classic Standard Mesh sizes, included are sizes for the Aesthetic, Belleza, Signature, Slink and TMP mesh bodies. Lots of men's bodies covered with this set!

Find all the above in the Roped Passions store now!

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

#548 - Festival of Banners @ We Love Roleplay

Sitting silently near the shore, it become a bit overgrown after being abandoned for a season. It'll be a task to clean it all up and prepare it for the coming Spring celebration. Luckily, it's not been damaged by the climate. It's been pretty mild here and doesn't get too cold, and we don't get the ice and snow some climates do.
As the sun rises the task doesn't seem as hard as the night time made it look. Not too hard, at least we hope so!
This is the .:Soul:. Festival of Banners set. It consists of the gazebo, banners, archway and it's banners (banners removed from the archway in my photos). It comes soft linked so when you do move it after rezzing, make sure you've grabbed both the banners and the gazebo or the archway. Whichever you happen to be working with at the time.
You will find this set at We Love Roleplay now through the end of the month. The set has a hud for the banners to change and you can also change the borders around the banners. It could be a very nice addition to your landscaping decor for your RP sim or Fantasy home. Or just because you want it!

The Festival of Banners will be 25% off at the event only. You still have time to get it at the event promo price!

We Love Roleplay
Ends Feb 28th

Surrounding columns, chairs, plants, bright colored grass all from Cerridwen's Cauldron

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

#547 - I Love When Separates Come Together!

Don't you just love it when an outfit comes together? I unpacked this -=MaG=- Velvet Mini Dress and then the {zfg} Floozy Fishnet Boots and the textures matched with the pink on the Velvet Mini Dress! Yeeeesss!!! Now to go out on the town!

The -=MaG=- Velvet Mini Dress is made for both Classic and Mesh Bodies. Sizes XXS - L for classics and Bellezas, Slinks, TMP and Maitreya on the Mesh Bodies. And includes an 8 texture hud too! I did not need any alpha hud work for either one of these items. They both fit like a glove, clinging to my body perfectly! This is new in the MacMoragh an Gabha store now!

The {zfg} Floozy Fishnet Thigh High Boots look so great with this dress! It comes in sizes for mesh bodies only including Maitreya (shown), Bellezas, Slinks and TMP! The fatpack includes a hud of 6 textures. This item is an Exclusive at the Truth or Dare event right now. Truth or Dare ends on Feb 28th.
I am wearing some recent releases from Booty's Beauty here. Seen here are the *Booty's Beauty* Omega Familiar Eyeshadow and Jazzy Lipsticks (also Omega). The brows are also from Booty's Beauty, Catwa Brows ~ Fancy brows set 1.

My nails are the Dark Passions - Wolf Moon Nails applied with the Omega appliers included in the fatpack. They had a pink background that went quite well with the colors I am wearing.

My smile is brought to you by .:Soul:.! The new .:Soul:. Hybrid from the Nippers line will be an available at Enchantment beginning on Feb 9th. Here is a better look at those:
I am wearing these on the Catwa Uma. You may need some manual adjusting for them to fit perfectly. In this case I did not. They just popped right in there and glimmered. You get a hud that has many texture options for the teeth and the gums. There are also a few glow options too. You can separately texture the top and the bottom teeth and hide or show the gums too. AND, they are 25% off at Enchantment! I am taking a liking to these double fanged Hybrid Nippers! Wouldn't you know it!

And that is it for today. Here are the links you need to find all the items I talked about in this post and then some!

MacMoragh an Gabha               *Booty's Beauty*               Dark Passions

Truth or Dare Event (Feb 2nd-28th)                               Enchantment (Feb 9th - Mar 4th)


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

#546 - Sim Exploring in new {zfg} - Another Furry Sandbox

Wandering around Second Life with my new {zfg} clothing releases today, I found a sandbox I hadn't heard of before. So I visited and took pictures there. I am wearing some recent releases from {zfg}. I have the {zfg} Onyx Dark (cropped sweater) and Paramour heels this time around.
I love the crop sweaters. Just the right amount of coverage. Keeps me warm enough! This is a recent release from {zfg} now in the store. I am also wearing the {zfg} Paramour heels. Both are worn on the Maitreya but include sizes for other mesh bodies including: Bellezas, Tonics, Slinks & Maitreya. The fatpack for the Onyx Dark sweater has 6 textures all dark with different sayings on them. This one above says "Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight". There are 4 available individually and 6 in the fatpack!
The {zfg} Paramour heels are some sky high heels and they look and fit great on my Maitreya feet! Very classy and elegant, there is a strap around the ankle that is not shown here. The Paramour heels include sizes for the Belleza, Slink, TMP and Maitreya. There are 4 colors available individually and 6 colors in the fatpack too. Come and get them ladies! They are waiting on you!
And of course I can't end without showing off the Another Furry Sandbox sim just a little bit. It is a hangout place and mall. So there are many places around the sim to unbox and or just hangout and a mall/shopping area. I ventured up to the castle there. They do ask you to accept Experiences so you are met with that choice upon arriving. It just allows you to move around more freely on the sim rather than having to click or sit on the teleports. Not sure what else, I wasn't there for very long.
I saw these tall Crystal Columns (purchase at Cerridwen's Cauldron) that caught my eye! This was past the mall shops and a couple gathering areas (clubs maybe?), near the teleport to the building platform. Which has a grid on it for aligning your prims (or measuring them). I enjoyed my visit there and there isn't a group you have to have to rez there. There is a 4 Hour return time though. Which, should be plenty of time depending on what you are doing. Sounds kinda standard to me. It's a very pretty place! I will certainly return.

Your Teleport to:

{zfg} - Zero F!cks Given             &           Another Furry Sandbox


Saturday, January 26, 2019

#545 - Group Gift Shape from Facet Shapes - Iris

Gifts! Don't you just love gifts! Facet Shapes has a new Group Gift shape, Iris. She is so shapely too! Made for Catwa Catya and the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, she is a sexy shape I will be using as long as I can (or I will be returning to!). She is a little wider on the hips than the previous shape I showed, Celia (which is still an Exclusive @ Twe12ve). Check her out:
Here she is! Facet Shapes - Iris is a shapely cutie! I have not edited her at all, and I am wearing her with the Catwa Uma head and Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. Grab her ladies, before she is gone!
While I was testing her out, I took a swim on a sim I have never visited before. This is a mostly underwater sim called VeGeTaLPLaNeT. Most is underwater, but there are some land areas up top too. It is a very spacey and interesting world to traverse. You can dance here on the mountain top or below the surface. There is a chill out lounge and other areas to explore. There is also a bubble ride that you take to ride around the sim on the mountain top.
Here's a better picture of the +FS+ Iris shape. Don't forget to wear your tag to get this when you go to the store. I love how I nearly blended into the background in some areas of this sim. The colors above and below sea level are so amazing. This skin is the most recent Group Gift from Fallen Gods, Evolution +FGInc.+ Biologic Opal, Musk. I hope you've picked her/him up already, this was only available until Jan 25th. Plus two other Evolution skins were offered at discounted prices too. Not sure when or if they will be offered soon in the store (additional discounted skins that were offered).
And, of course, I have some nails to go with this lovely skin too. These are currently at the Gothic Garage Sale (until Feb 4th). Above you see a few of the nails designs offered at this event. First, I have the Foiled Goth - Pastel (top left), Foiled Goth (top right) and finally two shades of the Sinister Gradient nails. The DP - Foiled Goths are both new designs and at a discount here. All the other nails you will see at this event are also marked down some very discounted! If you love Dark Passions nails, ladies (or gentlemen!) then get there before the event is over! There are a lot of different designs there, but only until Feb 4th! There is also a $5L Hunt at this event too! See below for the object you will be hunting. This event is hosted on the same sim as the Dark Passions store.

 And now, I leave you with another couple of photos of the VeGeTaLPLaNeT sim! Then the credits! Happy Shopping & Hunting!

Facet Shapes (Group Gift Shape)                           Gothic Garage Sale - Ends Feb 4th