Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#19 - The Skin I'm In...TSYI!

I don't do this too much with skins, unless they are fantasy skins of varying colors which I enjoy very much changing my look from human to non-human. But TSYI! - The Skin You're In! has $10L skins at The Wash and therefore, I had to try one! In this photo I am wearing the TSYI! Penelope St T5 & Happy Holly-Days Free Gift Face Tattoo from TSYI! too. Mystic Dragon Designs - LivingDeath Hoodie, The Rebakery/Radio Grind* Into the Madness Jeans (with 8 color change HUD), Loordes of London's Cuir De La-#4 Slink Heels, Encore Slink Nail set #7, and New Monday's Flutterby Tattoo. All of these items are found at The Wash and are all $10L each! After Christmas deals all around the sim!
TSYI! - The Rebakery - Mystic Dragon Designs - Loordes of London
First, a close up of the face on the TSYI! skin - Penelope St T5 and then more parts of the outfit:
The Skin You're In! - Penelope St T5 w/Dark Blonde Brows, Freckles, Dimples & Happy Holly-Days Face Tattoo
Slink Nails from Encore - Set #7
Had to remove the hoodie for this pic! From New Monday.

New Monday - Flutterby Tattoo
Loordes of London - Cuir De La #4 - Slink High Heels
So if you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, then you should head on down here to The Wash and find something for you! Cheap stuff but all great quality! I hope to see you here! And if you want to view the offerings before you head over to The Wash, you can view pics of those items here.

Also pictured:
Hair:  pr!tty - Leia - {Essentials} - Lost & Found Event
Eye Lashes: *MC* Falsies - Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1
Eyes: Chus! Humanoid Elven in Freez - No longer available

More pics on my Flickr

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