Thursday, March 3, 2016

#48 - The Twisted Hunt has begun! Let the madness begin!!!

Twisted (theme: Odyssey) ~ The hardest hunt in SL runs from March 1st thru March 31st and if you have not done it before, be warned! It is the The Hardest Hunt in SL! It is very hard and very frustrating at times. And the group members and merchants are all so great and very helpful. The Merchants come up with such great prizes, they just keep getting better year after year! And I always make a few new friends every hunt - which is twice a year, along with other events. 

I love finding and creating the strangest, weirdest, or yes, Twisted looks with the prizes found on this hunt! I tend to do many different looks during the hunt so this is only the first of a few expected posts! I love, love, love the Twisted Hunt and have for quiet a few years since I discovered this hunt. This group is very lively and entertaining, it remains active throughout the year and I've come to know many of the group members and its one group I will not be giving up. We are a Twisted sort of people and its feels very much like a community. Okay enough of the mushy stuff! Let's get to the look!

:{MV}: Astraea Black Velvet Outfit & Location: Fallen Gods
My first Twisted Look of the Week is this Astraea Black Velvet Outfit from :{MV}:, this item I actually bought at location #3 from the Riot Vendor. So I kinda cheated here by doing that but, I had to have it! I was assisted by many others in the Twisted Hunt group (Thank You all so much!!!) and from friends (Thank You too!!! Very much!) and we got it down to $155 from a previous $415 when I arrived there! Her hunt gift is a similar item but in White (I hope I am okay giving out that spoiler!). This outfit from the Riot Vendor includes the arm and wrist bracers, Circlet and Slink Flat sandals, for a complete look! Many of the merchants along the hunt have Twisted Specials, Gachas and Limited Edition items as well! Lots to find on this hunt other than the hunt prizes.

SoG Twisted Odyssey Gold/Onyx Jewelry Set ~ Makeup Fall 2015 Twisted Hunt prize also available @ :::Sn@tch

Next item is an actual hunt gift, this Twisted Odyssey Gold/Onyx Jewelry Set from Secrets of Gaia. This set includes the crown, and in this pic those lighter colored jewels are part of my hair not the crown! So, the Crown, Two Tiaras (not shown), Earrings, Necklace and Bracelets. This is store #1 on the hunt list. 
And of course I needed to finish off the look with the main hunt prize from [:Rad Designz:]! They have a gorgeous set of Gold & Black Nails in Slink, Maitreya and with Omega appliers! And they go great with this outfit! There are six designs and you can have that for free too! [:Rad Designz:] also has a side hunt where you can rack up a bunch more gift nails! You will be set with nails for a while with all the ones you can find in their side hunt! I am showcasing the Main gift set below:
Main Hunt Gift - [:Rad Designz:] 
These are shown on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body - Long length nails. And these designs are gorgeous! And they are FREE!!! All the hunt gifts are Free and most all the side hunts are also free! Lots of quality items on this hunt! If you love Gold and Black, you will want to check this hunt out! 

And these are my favorite for the toes, which happen to be Slink Flat Feet.
Sandal by :{MV}: & Nail polish by [:Rad Designz:] & Slink Flat Feet
I am very excited to see what else lies ahead! Here is where you can find the information on the Twisted Hunt and here is the Headquarters to get your start folder and Customizable ID Badge. Believe me, you DO NOT want to wait until later to start...especially if you are new to this hunt. You will need time to explore!

Other items in the pictures:
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara - v 3.5
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Flat
Skin: Meghindo's ~ TrishAnna ~ Caramel Skin Tone ~
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * HEAVEN*/black (Modified)
Make up: :::Sn@tch Temptress Eye Makeup (White):::
Lipstick: [HEX!] -  Bewitched Shadows - Darks - Lipsticks - Ghouls Night Out

Fallen Gods - Bay Area (Also in the hunt!)
Side Hunt - Final Room @ Anachron/The Dark Fae/Roped Passions
^^^ You will have to earn this location!!!^^^

Make sure you scroll!

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