Saturday, July 16, 2016

#139 - Keep Badmind Outta Mi Heart, Keep Negative Outta Mi Thoughts [No.Match] ~triniganjaman

The Hair Fair opens today! And you will find No.Match with their various dreadlocks hairstyles. When I wear these styles and I sit on the beach and listen to the waves, not a single bad thing comes to mind! All the negative washes away! And that feeling is great! When these began coming out, I fell in love instantly! I love how they look on me. If you are looking for some Jamaican Flair or just a more ethnic or exotic look, these offerings will help you create that look, without a doubt!
The Hair Fair 2016 is an event benefiting Wigs For Kids and a portion of all sales will be donated directly to the organization. To help kids replace the hair they've lost from cancer is a great thing and one of the least of things we can do. So come check out No.Match, there are five different hair sets and they are all unisex so you will get both the men's and the women's in the box and an XL size is also included.

This first one here is my favorite and I thank you to No.Match for giving me the opportunity to show it off to my readers! This is No_Mojito and it is also unisex as are all the hairstyles No.Match is offering during Hair Fair 2016.
And if you are wondering if they will look good on a lighter skin color I decided to show you that they do. The ads do have a lighter skin color model on them but here it is on me with my medium skin tone on (from Meghindo's, her Beyonce skin). This hair has sunglasses on your head and the frame can be changed to four different colors. And the charms in your hair on both styles can also be changed from Silver to Gold metals.
Granted this is not the lightest skin I can find, I will find another and try with another style. I get to show you all of them! This is No_IcedTea and it is one of five styles by No.Match at this year's Hair Fair. And the gift hair is a beauty too! Make sure you grab that one when you visit.
On both of these styles you have a HUD to change the colors of the fabrics weaved into the hair and the charms. There are ten options on the fabrics or wear the hair without the fabric at all. You can just click "NO" and it will remove the fabrics and/or charms from the hair. No_IcedTea has an extra section in the second HUD to change the sunglasses in this hair style.

NO.MATCH @ Hair Fair 2016
I am not sure how well this will work, there is a landing point at the fair! So look for the red beam!

No.Match Mainstore 2.0

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Location 1: Private Parcel
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Title Credit: Triniganjaman ~ Tumblr

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