Monday, July 11, 2016

#136 - Anaconda Skate Party

One of my favorite places called Anaconda Interracial Night Club, Beach & Mall, recently had a Roll Bounce Skate Party and so I thought that means some skating music I would be familiar with, so I had to be there! And it was great fun! I did love the music, the DJs played quite a bit of retro dance music and all kinds which I did not expect to hear at this club! I got to know a nice guy (Dimitris Titanium) there and we danced the night away.

The new layout I had not seen before and so I explored it a while before I left. I've been a member here for a long time but had not frequented the club for quite a while. Its a very nice layout and the beach is more secluded and quiet with areas to just sit quietly or in a couple setting with your favorite person. There is also a greedy table too. 

A lot of ladies here had on skate outfits with skates and looked pretty retro. The skating AOs were fun to watch. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of that! Most all had left by the time I started snapping some pictures. It would be nice if Anaconda had another skate party like that too. I hope they do soon.

Anaconda Interracial Night Club, Beach & Mall
FYI: There is a fee to join the Anaconda group.

All items of clothing I am wearing are from Post #134 Pulse Fundraiser Event.

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