Monday, November 16, 2015

#2 - Winters don't have to be cold...And spooky could be nice!

Winter nights can be cold and sometimes spooky! So to keep you warm, **DSO** has created some warm and cozy Winter Snuggle Footed PJs for you. I am wearing the PJs with the Mitten prints in Green. It is a full body PJ with feet. And very snugly and warm! These PJs will keep you from getting cold at night!
Couple the PJs with the Moonlitecat Creations Krumpus Hat in Green and you will be all set for a night of sitting by the fire reading or on the couch watching TV. In the holiday season style with added twisted horns and a bow accent on the front, this will top off the warm and cozy look you see here and keep you warm and toasty!
**DSO** & Moonlitecat gachas have you covered from head to toe! Winter Snuggle PJs - Green & Krumpus Hat - Green
Also from these two creators comes the **DSO** Winter Spooky Eyes and Moonlitecat Creations Snowflake Necklaces. The eyes are mesh and can be added as overlays on your system eyes or use the system eyes included in the package. I have worn them as an overlay on my eyes and I have the Snowflake 1 design. The Snowflake Iced Necklace has a silver chain necklace and the clear globe charm surrounds the snowflake which is housed on the inside of the globe. It is truly gorgeous!
**DSO** Winter Spooky Eyes - Snowflake 1 & Moonlitecat Creations Snowflake Necklace - Iced
You will find these at the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair on The Little Sideshow sim. This is an upcoming gacha event. The Fair will run from November 20th to December 4th, so be sure to come try your luck! 

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