Sunday, November 8, 2015

Its the start of a new blog!

Welcome to my new journey. It's really not new to me. The only new part of this is that I am sharing it with the world instead of just myself and my family and close friends. So I hope you enjoy what I share as much as I love taking the time to create my various looks! If you don't know me well, let me tell you I change my avatar up quite a bit! Even more so than Barbies, I love changing myself up when I think of something out of the blue, for holidays, for parties or events, or just because I am bored or just because I want to! So I change a lot. In Second Life you can do so much more with the fantasy, gor, Sci Fi, Elven, Horror looks and so much more the list just goes on and on. I have so many different looks that I thought I would share something I threw together! Or help you find something that you were looking for! I plan to post at least once a week maybe more depending on what my SL and RL allow. I hope you enjoy it. 

So maybe a short bio on me. I've been in SL for around six years and in all this time, I have always loved changing my looks. I joined to become part of a Bloodlines Vampire Clan and I've been here ever since. I am still a Vampire/Lycan Hybrid active in Bloodlines with the Phenomenull Family. No prim babies for me, only minions! LOL! I am not coming after you for your blood unless you offer it to me, so do not be afraid to approach me if you see me. Regardless of what you have experienced with vampires and Bloodlines, I will say this about my vampire clan, we are very respectful and not simply looking to increase our numbers. We want to be friends and make friends. We don't just pounce on ya. I am part of a great family of vamps! 

I like the darker things in Second Life, so lots of gothy stuff, but I enjoy fantasy and Sci-fi as well. I do have a very well rounded taste for so many different things. I have a great variety of things I like to do in SL as well. I love seeing new places and exploring new sims, taking pictures (I post on my Facebook a TON!) of those places and sharing them with my friends. I decided to finally start building last year and have been loving that as well, still very new at building. I will share those items here too. I love Gachas (check my profile pics for the LMs to those locations!!!) and the Twisted Hunt! Two of my favorite things besides parties and great music! Okay so four favorite things! 

I began blogging only this year in January 2015 for one of the Twisted Merchants, Corvi Ashdene and her store, The Dark Fae. Corvi has some really great outfits, furniture, jewelry, shoes, skyboxes, decor and adult items! And her most recent outfit was in the Solaris Fashion Show a few weeks ago. You will see her stuff here too. So this has turned into a not so short bio, time to cut it off! Thanks for taking the time to read up on me! 

And, shameless plug! I do have an inworld and Marketplace store! Melynessence, so check me out sometime! 


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