Thursday, November 12, 2015

#1 ~ Elegance & A Classy Look ~ Dynastic Leanings From The Dark Fae

I do have varied taste when it comes to fashion or style, usually opting for something more edgy or Goth, Sci Fi or Fantasy. But I took one look at the notice from Corvi (Ashdene) that day and had to go look at this outfit. The picture on the ad caught my eye and the mention of this outfit and one other being in the Solaris Fashion Show over that weekend. I went, I saw and I had to have it. So I thought, the outfit but not so much the boots, they don't really look like me. But I tried the entire outfit anyway and OMG! I could not stop looking at myself! Lol! I don't usually go for boots so tall, its just a thing I don't usually buy. This time I did and I am so very glad I did. I receive compliments on it whenever I wear it.


And I love this hat and veil, also another thing I avoid wearing but do wear it when I wear this outfit. I think its very elegant and classy. It also comes with the jewelry too. Its the full package and the boots are separate. Both the outfit and the boots come with a color change HUD with 7 color choices. I love the blue I haven't given the other colors much chance but I am sure they will get their chance too. This is not an outfit that will be just sitting in my inventory like a lot of other stuff! 

You can find this outfit at The Dark Fae which just happens to be who I also blog for since the beginning of this year. And you can check out that blog here! And here is the full list of what I am wearing: 

The Dark Fae's Dynastic Leanings Outfit ~ Dress, Hat w/Veil, Jewelry w/ 7 Color Change HUD
The Dark Fae's Dynastic Leanings Boots ~ w/ 7 Color change HUD
.:EMO-tions:. ~ * ANYA * BLACK/WHITE  ~  Hair
Meghindo's ~ TrishAnna ~ Caramel Skin Tone ~ Skin
:Little Pricks: Day of the Dead ~ Tattoo
(which unfortunately I do not have a good link for! :( Very sorry!)

And that is it! I hope you will indulge in something you see in the pictures and I am sure you will not be sorry you did either! Have fun! 

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