Wednesday, November 18, 2015

#3 - More warmth from the On the Boardwalk creators!

Wandering the sim, I find a quiet empty space to show off! This was taken on the Nuvoletta sim now covered in snow. And a nice backdrop to show off this +Facepalm+ Lena Coat in Brown. It wraps all around you nicely and looks great! I think this coat looks great in brown but at the On the Boardwalk (OtB) Gacha Fair, which begins on November 20th, you can play the +Facepalm+ gacha for this Lena Coat with the chance to win it or 5 other versions. And as much as I like the Lena Coat, I really can't choose a favorite! Good luck to you! I am wearing the Lena Coat in the Matrix and Brown versions.
Wandering the grid looking for some fun, I found a place where there was lots of fun to be found. And I was wonderfully cozy in the Kelli's Kreations Womens Faces of Snow Sweater. This is a tunic length sweater and there are many different faces to be had. I paired it with some leggings and boots and I was set for the day at the Winter Festival at Creations Park. Here I am wearing 3 of the 12 options from KK - Kelli Kreations Faces of Snow Sweaters, the o>o, :o and :| versions which are also available for men and children too! 
So men, you can also have your own version of this sweater. A matching couples look! Yes there is a version of this sweater for each member of the family to enjoy. These will be available at the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair starting on November 20th. So only a couple days away now! 
Upper: Family Faces Of Snow Sweaters - Lower: Men's Wrapping Blowing Shirt - Heaven RARE
In the lower portion of the picture is KK's Mens Wrapping Blowing Shirts for Men. I am showing the Heaven RARE shirt here. So KK has something for everyone in the family! Hope to see you there!

Also featuring:
Eyes (overlay): **DSO** Winter Spooky Eyes - Snowflake 01 - On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair
~ Begins November 20th ~ 
Skin: {Meghindo's} ~ TrishAnna ~ Natural Cleavage ~ Caramel 
Hair: ICONIC Vanessa (Chocolates): Hairology Event open until Nov. 30th
Leggings (w/Lena Matrix Coat): Goth1c0 Bats & Plain - High Waist Leggings
Leggings (w/Faces in Snow Sweater): The Dark Fae - Plaid Kitteh - Purple
White Boots: Hollyhood - Holly Mesh White Leather Bellanice Slink Boots

Winter Festival at Creations Park - Second Life Destinations Guide - Winter Attractions

~ More Photos on Flickr ~

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