Wednesday, May 3, 2017

#282 - Flying Too Close To The Flames

As a petite I find myself often playing with fire. Not literally, until this time. I tend to take greater chances and this time as I wandered I came across a structure of some kind with some with a flame, a glowing tealish blueish flame that caught my attention. And yes, I had to take a closer look!

Seen above is the Harshlands Fantasy Wayshrine (full pics further down), this is an RFL item at the Fantasy Faire, which will only be around for one more day and then gone into oblivion until next year when new sims arise! Many of these items will be sold only during the Faire so you won't be able to get them after the Faire, until next year or, in some cases, again. So, again I say, don't miss it! You will find Harshlands on the Raven's Perch sim.

Also seen in the picture is the PETITES Female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Night Sparkle. This little cutie will only be available during the Faire which ends on May 4th! Nooooo!!! Then will not be available again until the next Fantasy Faire. If you are a fan of the +FGInc.+ Petites, this one is a magical one!

With beautiful wings and butterflies fluttering all around you, it has a magical feel to it! It includes the hair, crown, wings and butterfly add ons. The outfit seen is from last years Petite Female Eternals release, which are also in the store on The Rose sim.

Also new at the Fallen Gods store on The Rose, you will find the Spirit Skins, which come in Pure, Draco and Opal versions for both male and female avatars.

Here is the Opal Aura skin, this includes the skin, appliers and accessories. Like the Night Sparkle Petite, it comes with the crown, wings, butterflies and hair (sparkles not included). A very pretty skin! Thank you so much Alia!

And for more of the Harshlands items at the Fantasy Faire, here is a photo of the full Fantasy Wayshrine build along with the Light Marker and Festive Tree (on either side of the Fantasy Wayshrine).

Don't forget! Many of these items will no longer be available after the faire, possibly not until next year when the faire arises again. Fantasy Faire ends on May 4th so make it a destination point today!

Harshlands is found on the Raven's Perch sim

Fallen Gods Inc is found on The Rose sim

Only at the Fantasy Faire

All purchases from RFL vendors benefit the American Cancer Society!

Also Seen:

Pic #2:
Avatar: PETITES Female, Night Sparkle +FGInc.+ (PG) @ The Rose sim @ Fantasy Faire
Pose:  <TA>Fairy AO (ZHAO-II MB2.0.19) - Captured moment
Outfit: PETITES Eternal Outfit +FGInc.+ Body Black /mesh
Particle Star Trails: Spyralle Starseeker LP0603 Trail of Stars (R&L  hands) on The Spirit Pool sim @ Fantasy Faire
Location: Private Parcel

Pic #3:
Skin: Spirit [xx]+FGInc.+ Opal Aura The Rose sim @ Fantasy Faire
Outfit:  TABOU. Foxy top & skirt
Mesh Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears [v2] - Blix on Mudrana @ Fantasy Faire
Mesh Head: LOGO Chloe v5.1 Omega Mesh Head
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara & Bento Hands V4.1
Pose: Something New - My Prayer For You 1
Windlight: [TOR] Dusk - Smolder
Location: Opal Flight sim @ Fantasy Faire

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