Friday, January 12, 2018

#408 - An Alien Observes The Planet....

An alien, sent out on a mission to scout out and observe planets to see if our race could benefit from moving there, finds this desolate place on planet Earth. So beautiful from space it had to be teaming with life and resources. But to their surprise, this is not what the scout found! It was found to be a wasteland, where even the humans are fighting to hang on to any little space or area they could call "Home." Desert sands and dirt cover everything. The Wastelands are exactly that, a place to call home for those who strive to survive here. After taking in the sight upon arriving...they were shocked that humans even live in these conditions. Sitting down to ponder her surroundings, she is amazed, thinking she should get back into her ship and try again!
This is the .:Soul:. Ranitomeya Gen2 F [F3] skin [Wild]. There are actually two tones to this skin with the same markings. The markings cover the body from head to feet. There are a multitude of appliers included for both the head and the body too. So you are pretty much covered since there are Omega appliers too. I love the orange markings on this skin. To me it almost has a human skin tone...almost! The markings are on the skull and forehead too. Here is a close up of those:
There are also many accessories from .:Soul:. too. The antennae, the collar, ears, eye liner and lipstick are all from Soul. Of course the hair is covering all the markings under there but they are there and similar to what you see on the arms and neck.

And now for the other shade, this one slightly darker and it is the Fade shade of this skin:
This is the Fade version of the skin with the tattoo applied which has 3 strengths, Fresh, Medium and Worn. This version of the skin doesn't have the colors of the Wild version but a lighter shade of the skin tone itself. And then you can add the tintable body tattoo to make a different look altogether!

And here is a closer look at the Fade version:
And there you have it! These were released for the 2016 Fantasy Faire and as you can tell, I love, love, love them quite a bit!! And, sadly, I did not think to show you the back of this skin so I will add at least one photo to my Flickr pics for this post (Added!). But there are so many more skins and body attachments you can find at .:Soul:. so come on over and take a look! 

.:Soul:. Gen2 F - Ranitomeya - [F3] - Wild - TT-FB - Brow
Eyes: .:Soul:. Draglien Eyes - S.E. Poison
Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears [v2] - Blix
Eyeliner: .:Soul:. Cypher Eyeshadow/Liner
Lipstick: .:Soul:. Hallow Lipstick
Collar: .:Soul:. Dwarven Collar
Dual Eyestalk: .:Soul:. EyeStalk Double (Bento) BentoEyeRig
Single Eyestalk: .:Soul:. EyeStalk Uni (Bento) BentoEyeRig
Hair: *C* Calico Creaitions – Sabina Hair
Pants: ~Nerido~ Ari Pants (Maitreya)-Black @ District 20 
Arm Bracelet: [Glitzz] Draconia Bracelet - Black/Black @ Lootbox Gacha Event
Top: [LAB737] Inverse-Natalya-Maitreya-Strap Top [gold]
Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Uma
Mesh Nails: #EMPIRE - Coffin Nails - Medium *Maitreya*
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Location: The Wastelands RP sim

Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2 F - Ranitomeya - [F3] - Fade - TT-FB - Brow
Antennae: .:Soul:. Andorian Antennae - (F4) Violent
Tail: .:Soul:. Tails - Curly
Hair: Volthair. Octavia Hair V2 (Pastels) @ Lootbox Gacha (Ends Jan ??)
Outfit: VIBES - Vaiwa Suit Pink (includes: Arm Straps & Strap Boots) @ We <3 Roleplay
Gloves: VIBES - Vaiwa Glove Gold (sold separately) @ We <3 Roleplay
Wings: [Glitzz] Draconia Wings @ Lootbox Gacha (Ends Jan ??)
Windlights:  Canimod; Annon Adored Optimal Skin

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