Friday, January 19, 2018

#411 - Group Gifts Available @ kisetsu! Don't Miss Them!

Kisetsu has quite a few of their past group gifts out for a while now and I've taken a look at quite a few of them. They are varied in nature and there is a little bit of everything there! And they are all free to members! And the group is free too! So take a look at the few featured here and see what you think, and remember, these in the post are only a few of what is available. Come take a look and see what you might find while they are still available!
Here is the first I want  to show you. The kisetsu - hitodama and it is one of the many group gifts at kisetsu right now. And from the note inside the folder I see this: What are Hitodama? Hitodama are... kind of like will-o-wisps, in that they're little glowing souls flying around. So I looked into it a little further and found a place where they might show up for me. And that they did!
They are a wearable item and they glow and float or fly around you when you wear them. They come in pairs so there is only one in the folder. But as you see above, I visited a small graveyard and found they are quite happy in this environment. But they still spooked me a bit! 
Meanwhile, back at home here is some of the decor among the gifts there with a couple Kokeshi Dolls thrown in from the nearby gachas. They are sitting on the Anachron - Step Tansu - Dark Wood. This is one of the group gifts as well, so if you need a spot to display your dolls or anything else small enough to fit on it (but it is modify too), then this should work out for you. 
At the top of the tansu is the kisetsu - Gift - Maneki Neko Mo. This is my lucky cat statue.
And the lovely fan decor, the kisetsu - Gift - Maiougi Decor Matsu which consists of a fan for the table and one for the wall. Matching fans to add some culture and color to those bare walls. 

Remember, these are only a few of the gifts available right now, don't miss them!


Bento Gloves: RYL Glossy Gloves Bento Lara - Red - NEW!!! @ The Best Point Event
Outfit: +FCC+ Yetta (Shirt & Pants) (worn on the Belleza Freya)
Earrings: Two Sisters Designs: ZONA RUBY EARRING LT
Hair: ::Exile:: Windsong (w/curly add on)
Mesh Body: -Belleza- Freya V2.01
Mesh Hands: Maitreya Mesh Body - Bento Hands L V4.1
Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Uma
Skin: COMMON #10 Essences [Lydia D02] @ PocketGacha (Ends Feb 14th)
Pose: Bauhaus Movement -  Gritty Beats_//-No Relief 03
Location: Spooky Interactive Haunted House (nearby)

Kisetsu – D├ęcor & Group Gifts:
Cat Statue: kisetsu - Gift - Maneki Neko Mo
Fans: kisetsu - Gift - Maiougi Decor Matsu
Step cabinet/drawers: Anachron - Step Tansu - Dark Wood
Glowing Orbs (pic #1): kisetsu - hitodama

Anachron - Kokeshi Dolls Gacha:
Anachron - Kokeshi Doll - Sasako
Anachron - Kokeshi Doll - Akane

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