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#541 - Keep Winter Close to You with Wintry Themed Nails from Dark Passions!

The snow is so pretty here! It's not fun to drive around in though! If you are missing out on the snow, or just love snowflakes, I have some nails you might like to have! You can be in a warm weather climate for the winter but still enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of snowflakes with these designs from Dark Passions.
 This design was available at the Winter's Hollow event last month and are now in the store (or will be soon!). There are actually two slightly different versions you can purchase. The Winter Reflections and the Wiccan Winter Reflections. The one I am showing here have what appears to be a pearl in the center of the snowflake design on the nails. The Wiccan version has a pentagram in the center of the snowflake design. Both were available at the event and now will be in the store soon, if not already.
Here are more colors of the Dark Passions - Winter Reflections Nails. Shown on the #EMPIRE Coffin Mesh Nails (Maitreya hands - Omega compatible) in the photos.
The Dark Passions - Snow Wish Nails are a candy cane striped nail with snowflake insets in varying colors. There are five color snowflakes to choose from in this set. This set is one of the sets outside the store right now with a winter theme. There are many more sets there and they are discounted. So check those out!

This partially hidden hair seen here is Asteria 2.0, a new release from Adoness @ the Salon 52 event (previously known as Hairology). This is the first I've heard of this event for everything related to hair! So something new to check out! Asteria 2.0 is a lady mohawk/mullet-like style with side locks! Long layered locks hangs over one of your eyes in the front and you can wear it with or without the side locks too. It is a gorgeous style and if you are a fan of Adoness hair (or not!) you will want to pick this one up!

The shape here is from Facet Shapes - Celia and she is at the current Twe12ve Event that runs all month long! She is an Exclusive and can only be purchased at the event right now. Celia is made for the Catwa Catya head and Maitreya body, but I have edited her to fit my Catwa Uma head. This shape will work for most any mesh body as well as Maitreya too.
There is also a second version of the Snow Wish nails. The Dark Snow Wish. Still in a candy cane stripe, but black and white with the varying colored snowflakes. A few of the designs outside the store do have a light and dark version. And they are discounted too! Lots to choose from!
 And I close with a close up of the Dark Passions - Snow Wish Nails! Come check out all the designs available and keep winter near you without the cold temps!

Salon 52 - Ends Feb 4th

Twe12ve - Ends Jan 30th


Body Shape (Pic #3): Facet Shapes - +FS+ Celia Catya/Maitreya (Edited for Uma) – NEW @ Twe12ve
Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2 F - Hailey - [H6] - TT-FB - NoBrow
Eye Appliers: .:Soul:. Spite Eyes – Coal
T-shirt: {zfg} resolutions – NEW
Eye Brows: *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Brows ~ Fancy Brows set 1
Lashes & Lipstick (Pic #1): *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Makeup ~ Sealed Fate
Eyeshadow (other pics): *Booty's Beauty* Omega Eyeshadow ~ Familiar - NEW
Lipstick (other pics): *Booty's Beauty* Omega Lipstick ~ Jazzy - NEW
Hair Pic #1 – TRUTH – Mitzie
Hair (All other pics): adoness : asteria 2.0 : brown (w/Side locks) NEW @ Salon 52
Ring: EarthStones Ever After Bridal Set - Gold
Pose #1: VISTA ANIMATIONS *HUD 5.32*ESTHER BENTO AO-V1 MEDIUM (captured moment)
Pose: Del May – Sophisticated #3 (Pic #3) & Daunted (Pic #4)

Other Body Details: ~About My Body~
Mesh Bento Head: CATWA HEAD Uma Toothless v3.1
Mesh Eyes: CATWA EYES RIG Uma v3.1
Mesh Teeth: Bloodlines Fangs 4.5 [M]
Mesh Body: MAITREYA Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Mesh Nails: #EMPIRE - Coffin Nails - Medium *Maitreya*
Mesh Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears [v2] - High Elf
Body Shape (Pic #1 only): .QUENBY. - Uma v.2 shape & brows

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