Thursday, April 28, 2016

#88 - Glorianna the Glorious Looks Over the Village of Dangarnon...Exclusive Items!

The Lady of  Dangarnon emerges from her castle tower to take in the night air of the village. This is about the only time she can come out of the castle without being approached by some of the beggars who call this place home. They should be in their corners and tents hidden out of sight off the streets and in the darker corners of town. She wanders about half way down the stone pathway from the castle and stops to take a puff of her pipe and look around into the darkness the envelops the run down little village. In the distance she hears the voices of those who are enjoying some ale in the nearby tavern. How interesting that seemed to be. She lives a sheltered and quiet life of solitude in the castle with the rest of the noble family. 
She stands and gazes at the night sky and puffs on her pipe, its glow barely lighting up the night at all. She stands and entertains herself by blowing smoke rings and yet keeping watch on the walkway so that no one should come up on her unexpectedly. Even though, its very quiet in the castle, who doesn't want to get out every now and then?
The Wizard Smoking Pipe is one of two Exclusive Relay offerings from Anachron. It has animations for Male & Female avatars, and a HUD for the smoking and movement of the pipe to and from the mouth. The speed of the movement can also be adjusted. There is an exhaler attachment for the smoke included with which you can blow smoke from both the nose and the mouth or, one or the other, and smoke rings are also an option. 
The Glorianna Gown is the second Exclusive Relay item from Anachron. This very luxurious gown comes in Belleza, Slink Physique, Maitreya and standard mesh sizes. And when I say Relay items, that means when you make this purchase (any purchase from a Relay for Life Vendor), all the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Both the Pipe and the Gown are available only at the Fantasy Faire on the Dangarnon sim. After the Faire is over, these items will be retired. So grab them now!
Also seen here is hair from Analog Dog - Omega Hair - Dark Browns this is also one of two Relay items and only available at the Fantasy Faire on the Tinkers Hollow sim.
And I must show off these nails from Dark Passions! Something Wicked is what they are called and they are also one of two Relay Items available at the Fantasy Faire. Dark Passions is located on the Blackmoor sim. And I leave you with a picture of the full length gown:
Everything is shown here on the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body.

Also seen in the pictures:

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