Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#292 - Remembering Those We've Lost And Those Still Fighting

There are many areas to explore at the Medieval Faire, but one in particular is very beautiful not just because of it's scenery, but because of it's meaning. The Hope Garden. Whether you go here to remember those you've lost or to hope and/or pray for the best outcomes for those who are struggling and living with cancer, it is a very peaceful area of the Medieval Faire. There are benches around to sit and take in the sights around you, or sit and pray or send good thoughts and vibes to those who are living with cancer. Those in your life, in friend's lives, or just in general all those who are living with a cancer diagnosis and/or those whom we've lost. 
The butterflies flutter softly around the Hope Garden among all the flora and fauna. There is a waterfall across from the deck as you enter the garden. I donned this full length gown from Folkloric, the Ashara's Dress (outfits for the menfolk too!) and the matching Circlet, and decided to visit the Hope Garden today to do some reflection and meditation. This dress comes in two color versions and there are demos in the Folkloric stall to try before you buy.
I myself live with a breast cancer diagnosis and although I don't really try to think too much on it, I do still often pray for continued improving health for myself and those I know who are living with their diagnosis. And it is during the quiet moments of the day that this comes to my mind to remember to do this. Our lives are so hectic and busy and technology keeps us constantly connected, so places like The Hope Garden help me to slow down and remember to ask for continued strength and improving health as I continue on my journey. Why not visit The Hope Garden at the Medieval Faire to slow down a bit and reflect on whomever might be in your life that needs your prayers and well wishes? 
This is the Courage Potion Necklace you can win from The Little Bat gacha at the UAC Medieval Faire. There are many more to win, trade and collect in this gacha machine. This is only one item that can be found in the !TLB stall, there are many more items to choose from, I hope you will take a look! 

Meanwhile, the man was out checking out the arenas on the fairegrounds to see what if any challenges they presented. This is the Sword Melee Arena which is on the Activities Sim at the Medieval Faire. You will have to do some climbing to get to this area which is behind the Jousting Arena and up the hill after crossing the horse track. I wonder if I will hear his thoughts on the area when he returns? He wears a Navy blue outfit called The Huntsman which is also from Folkloric. There are two color versions of this outfit for men and they come with both hood up and hood down versions in each package. There is a demo to try before you buy as well.
As seen above, there are more activities around the faire that you may not know about, Jousting, Horse races, Archery and more. There is a rather large sign showing all the scheduled activities that will be happening during the faire and you can also see it on the Tournament Schedule found here. There is also a Schedule of Events at the faire.

Both Folkloric [f] and The Little Bat (!TLB) can be found in the Huntgate Court  area of the faire. Here is the map of the shopping area:
The UAC Medieval Faire runs through June 18th. I hope to see you there!

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Also Seen:

Dress and Flower Circlet: [f]Folkloric - Ashara's Dress @ UAC Medieval Faire
Necklace: !TLB - Potion Necklace/Courage @ Medieval Faire
Hair: Exile: Countess
Head: LOGO Quinn Bento BETA Head v0.4.25
Shape: LOGO Quinn Shape v0.4.23
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body & Bento Hands - Lara V4.1
Eyes: .:Soul:. Sidhe Eyes - Unseelie – Caramel
Pose: Captured Moment from the Vista Animations – Sensual & Dangerous AO
Location: Hope Garden @ UAC Medieval Faire

FolkLoric [f] The Huntsman [Navy] @ UAC Medieval Faire
Beard: MiNat Hair & Beard PREACHER
Avatar: **N O Y A** STORM - Male Model Avatar + skins (PROMO+) - Classic Avatar
Shape: ADAM Shape +FGInc.+ Infinity Variant - Part of the Infinity Avatar
Eyes: **LAPARIE** Eyes type 14 - Blue Green - Unavailable 
Pose: Bauhaus Movement - Deadpool 18

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